Pls. help! I only get points for my gamerscore in FH4 (for the rewards)

I only get points for my gamerscore (100pts in the moment) in FH4, the others stay at 0, what am I supposed to do to fix that?
I played FH3 a lot and got a lot of points there, but in FH4 just for the gamerscore…
pls help

Are you playing with the same gamertag that you did on fh3


Same problem

It seems to be quite bugged for a lot of people. For me personally the gamerscore is really the only which isn’t working. So I guess we just have to wait for a fix, or for it to finally catch up.

Yup Gamerscore is the only thing that updates
Also i noticed if you tab all the way to the right in the hub app to launch the game that
hub does not recognize that i own the game it says “learn more”