please turn off collision in online racing

how come i can never have a clean race? i get used as a wall by other people screwing up my turn so many times. or getting shoved into a tree putting me in a dead stop. please turn off collision or make it an option. id be willing to lose 20% money so i can get clean races. atm i dont even want to race online because people that cannot race right win by wrecking others…

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Its best to create a private lobby with friends, while it would be good to turn them off I find myself wishing for it less, the roads are much wider and its fairly easy to get in front as the crashers will make mistakes or go wide. Just find the right time to pass

usually theres a couple wreckers so if i pass one 2 more will use me as a wall. at that point i just back out and get off forza. i dont mind rubbing or minor collisions but taking me out is just being a dick

last time I raced…

got two clean races, came first and third

I was in a lotus 11 (not the best car for online I admit) and got whacked three times by a hummer

start a petition

If you want to race ghosts, there is always Rivals mode.

So the solution is to deal with dicks? What an awful solution. It’s ok if they play dirty I’ll bring out my hummer or big suv and make sure that they don’t win. I’m normally clean…

Sorry … the humor in it didn’t come through with text.

Actually, the solution–as mentioned earlier–is to find like-minded racers to race with in a private lobby.

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Yeah I don’t always have a party to play with… I do at times but not all the time. Forza 2 had an option for when you made lobby’s to turn off collisions. I don’t see how that’s a bad thing

No the online solution is to avoid circuit races. If a race has laps, these people have no qualms sitting there and waiting for you to come around on another lap before wrecking you.

If there are no laps, then it’s much easier and there are two very easy to implement solutions.

Solution 1: Build and tune a car that has very good launch. If you start near the start of the pack, launch quickly, make sure you take the first corner very well, and watch the wreck ensure in the rear view mirror.

Solution 2: If you start mid or rear pack, simply start the race and drive. As everyone wipes out in the first corner drive around them and then do your race.

I’ve found that there are some people that will always try to bash and wreck but one you end to get into the race and are out front or alone it’s not an issue. Most of the wrecks happen in the first corner and when these unskilled racers have a group going together. If you avoid the group, you avoid the wrecks.

That said, every once in a wile I just get lobbies full of idiots who insist on wrecking and the best solution is to leave, report, block, and find a new lobby.

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I just want to race and not deal with idiots. :confused: is it such a hard request

Yes. When you join the public lobbies, you are in the public. “Idiots” reside in the public.

So let the problem rot what a great policy

Turn 10 is a business and as such wants and needs to make money. Sadly, you can assume that half the public is a bunch of idiots. Without these guys violating the Terms of Use of Xbox Live, Turn 10 will not ban them because it diminishes future sales.

To avoid playing with idiots, simply report and block them. Also, try to find like minded players you can play with. It’s really not hard to get into lobbies that are enjoyable. In the entire time I’ve had Horizon 2, I have had two nights where I could not find a decent lobby at all.

Typically, if I find a terrible lobby and leave, I can jump around and find a suitable group of racers or join some friends who race clean.

[Mod edit - WSD - Profanity]

Do NOT retaliate, you’re only becoming the player you dislike.

Remember, those people who are wrecking people and ruining normal game play should be REPORTED by going into VIEW GAMER CARD, then Report or block, followed by Report, then select Unsporting behavior. There is then a box to fill in “CRASHER” - disruptive in races, causes wrecks, etc. Followed by Report to Xbox.

This sends a report directly to the Xbox LIVE Policy Enforcement Team which will investigate, maybe even visit and observe the offender during gaming sessions, and then ban that person from not just a single game but Xbox LIVE itself. It also is recorded against their reputation.

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Do you know how annoying that is when 5 guys from the same crew are wreckers? Also I got knocked out of a checkpoint yesterday and well got knocked back to 8th place I was in 3rd… So hard. It to retaliate. It’s like people that team kill for a sniper


Do you know how annoying that is when 5 guys from the same crew are wreckers? Also I got knocked out of a checkpoint yesterday and well got knocked back to 8th place I was in 3rd… So hard. It to retaliate. It’s like people that team kill for a sniper

I feel you, dude. But just race. I’ve won more than 200 races online. I probably need an intervention. One of the most fun challenges I ever had was getting stuck in a road trip with just 4 other cars from the same club. They were all gunning for me and protecting each other and got me a couple times. But squeaking out a couple victories racing clean were a couple of my most satisfying moments online. So try to change your perspective. Crashers are a blessing and a curse.

Yes, I know, and I also gave you the steps for reporting those people. If you don’t report them or you retaliate, you’ve condoning their game play antics. Either use the path to eliminating these people, or don’t complain.

Don’t threaten them verbally, just quietly report them when the race is over. Let the Xbox Live Policy Enforcement Team deal with them.

And you’re risking a ban yourself. How awful would it be to retaliate, get reported and be the one on the short end of the stick? Don’t retaliate.

Also, rather than complaining about public lobby crashers, spend some time in the Racer’s Lounge to meet others who are looking for a similar, clean racing experience. If you are just waiting and expecting that Turn 10 or any racing game developer are going to find a way to eliminate crashers in a public lobby, you are just spinning your wheels. For the umpteenth time: find like-minded gamers and get yourself into a moderated, private lobby so that you can get the most enjoyment out of multiplayer. If you aren’t using the feature, you aren’t trying hard enough on your part and are missing out on all the fun.

i still think that banning them from forza horizon 2 (you need it for xbox live) is a little extreme