Please stop complaining about xbox 360 version, here's why!

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Sounds like you are not reading any of these threads. The issues most players have is that FH2 does not have the features and support that the first game had. You can ramble on about buying the new console but the game is less than a week old and should be supported. Furthermore, a new version of the 360 just came out last year.



Because FH1 looked better

Yeah, you’re definitely not reading the X360 threads. This game has LESS features than FH1.

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Is the new version of the 360 just a new case with same guts as 360 slim. I might be mistaken but the new design had something to do with the XB1 release. Regardless of what peoples expectations are and what their entitled to. You’re only entitled to what you’ve earned and as ugly as it might be. Those people who have the XB1 are more entitled than us so be it, but if I fork over $60 for a game and another for Gold xbox live there should be some support regardless of what console.

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FH2, triple A title? Dont over-exaggerate buddy.
Turn 10 managed to disappoint me once more… I hope there will be coming updates on the 360 version.

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I have an XBOX 1 with no issues ? am I really that lucky ?

LOL! Issues…? Wheelspin not giving good enough prizes made me spill my coffee when I first read it! We dont even HAVE a wheelspin! But completely agree with Kdogg and others. First read the X360 topics carefully before posting another “be happy, 360 is old, buy an X1” comment! Info is what we want, that should not take much time from the devs which they use on your beloved X1, does it?


you guys want more freatures on fh2 then buy a console that can support more features.
thats like buying a laptop from 10 years ago and wanting it to play bluray etc

Again. Info about some questions we have. Or do we have to buy an X1 for that? This is getting really irritating. Stay at your X1 threads if you have nothing to contribute to the X360 threads. Thank you.

off-topic: are these officially the 360 version threads? because I thought the two versions were merged on this forum so the developers definitely would never get around to anyone’s problems.

What is it with people like you? Did you all gather under one bridge and discuss trolling 360 users with “just spend $400 dollars, easy fix to your gaming complaints.”

People who argue that the console is old, just upgrade, are idiots. There’s no way around it and there’s really no point to even acknowledge you as a person or take anything you say seriously. I regret replying.


I find it infuriating that some XB1 owners think they’re so high and mighty over 360 owners. If Microsoft want people to buy the next gen consoles - FIX THE DAMN THINGS! I would have bought one last month for FH2, but after hearing all the issues there’s no way I’m getting one now. If they can’t even sort out the 360, XB1 has no hope.

should of kept my mouth shut !!

its just there way of pushing us to xb1 fh2 on the 360 is dump fh1 was way better than this crap they have give us the graphics are bad and we only get 66% of the map that xb1 has but yet it still cost £40

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This sort of thing is not only not helpful, it’s deliberate trolling. Do not do it again.

Bad graphics? Wrong. They look better than Horizon 1.

Would you rather have fewer features or a larger map, greater graphics, and many bugs like TDU2 was?

I’d rather have the fewer features.