Please step up the level design

It’s pretty interesting to note that there are no decent drag strips, drift parks, or rally sections. I’m well aware that there are sections on the map where you can do these things, however, they’re implemented so poorly for a studio that’s on their 4th game? Everything is too small, and it’s not like there’s not enough room. The drag strips are way too short. The drift sections are also very small and short. The rally sections are the same. It reminds me of when I was a child, and the local township build a skatepark for the kids to skate in. Except, the people who designed the skatepark were just people who worked for the township. In other words, the skatepark was awful lol. It seems like that’s what happens with these games. Everything seems to be designed by people who don’t drift, rally, or race cars. They just have some basic idea of what they should do, and they attempt to implement it. There’s no reason why these things shouldn’t be more professional by now. It’s not your first rodeo.

Thank you for the feedback.

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