Please start banning AFK stream

the abuse going on is ridiculous; is PG ever going to respond!

Si-Gerty, most abusive user i have seen

Making $100’s off a stream AFK’ing (for MONTHS!) doing nothing on this game

And why does that matter to you? Grow the f up. If it makes you cry and/or envy don’t watch it, or start streaming too, or guess what… open the stream and leave it be and earn your influence farm for FREE.

EDIT: Oh and btw he’s not partnered with Mixer (nor other streamers) so no, he DON’T make money out of the stream. Some 24/7 FH4 streamers PAY to sustain the stream just because they want. So the minimum you can do besides complain and cry about something useless you should be THANKING that people that are giving YOU (us) the opportunity to farm influence with 24/7 streams. If you want do donate to streamers, well, that’s on you, people do whatever they want with their money but from Mixer itself he don’t make any money.

Well if they want to kill off their player base even quicker than they are now, go ahead. I know it would definitely clinch it for me. I leave a mixer window open on my PC on si-gertys page.

The last time I turned the game on a week or so ago, the most fun i had was hitting the A button for 5 minutes playing the wheelspin rng game. Then I turned the game back off, because the multiplayer is still garbage.


The game hasn’t been out months yet so how he’s streamed for that long is a question. Another question is why you feel the need to complain about this?
People are watching farming streams to build their own influence, so why do you want that stopped?
Another question is how old are you as this reeks of immaturity. Wanting someone’s stream taken down because they’re helping others? You really need to think about what your motives are, i don’t think you’ll be quite so quick to shout “ban the stream” once you realise we can all see them as well.
Just don’t watch if you don’t like it, but trying to silence someone you don’t agree with is beyond the pale.


Lots of people were streaming the demo on mixer as well. That’s how they started so soon.

They’ll never shut down the farm streams though, it would negatively impact the mixer viewership that microsoft/PG wants to keep up high. 95% of all fh4 mixer traffic is farming.

I was curious so I looked, and as of 9am CST si-gerty’s 2000+ viewers represent 61% of the total fh4 viewers on mixer. The next stream was another farmer with about 600. So the mixer farm thing is keeping people engaged in mixer at least lol.

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Si-Gerty do keep the stream alive when he’s afk, but his channel isn’t only for farming. He does play occasionally.

My opinion is let it stay up. Much like those that expoited the launch VIP superspin duplication pr run the ez xp and money tracks, theze are also the first people who get bored and leave (see the aboves own admission to not playing). So if they want to get everything via exploit or lazymode. Good. Those peeps dont bring anything to the game so stuff like this will help em complete then stop playing cause they have nothing to do.

Why so jelly OP? I would suggest lavender tea for you - helps you to relax and calm your nerves.

Besides, it has nothing to do with exploiting the game. The influence farming is built into the core of the game.


On the one hand, it is kind of annoying looking for something to watch, and having to sift through the top dozen or so influence farms.

On the other hand, I’m looking for a stream to ignore in the the background with the sound off to farm influence while I work. So who am I to judge? I would rather have someone actually playing the game in the background than an influence farm. And it’s harder to find those. And maybe the streamers appreciate the viewership, but it’s not like I’m contributing to the discord or anything like that.

One of the streamers I was watching (when I actually had the sound on) mentioned too that it was hard for them to build an audience when competing with influence farms who just leave the loading screen on a loop for hours at a time while they go to work. So it’s affecting them too, which affects their marketability, and their willingness to stay on the platform.

I don’t imagine the active streamers will stick around very long if there’s no benefit to competing with the influence farms. Sooner or later there will come a tipping point where they all either move to Twitch, or other games, or both, or they’ll have to retire the influence mechanism altogether.

Maybe there’s an alternative. Maybe just have a Mixer moderator periodically look over the main page, see who’s actually playing, and who’s just influence farming. Let the stream stay up, but flip a switch that puts a cap on how much influence an influence farm can get compared to an active streamer. That might curb the behaviour without a draconian take-down.

Theres lots they could do, but I doubt they’ll touch it. It’s been like pulling teeth to get them to fix the actual game, let alone the streaming service its played on

No, its clearly an influence farm. Leave it up. If people want to donate money, good on them. Glad he can stream so I can get influence, and he does play, maybe not when you are looking, but get over it. Frankly I enjoy the banter in he chat.