Please speed up the menus

I don’t need to wait for the button prompts to appear to navigate the menus, especially perk cards. I know where everything is before it appears. It’s almost painful how much time I spend waiting.

Menu looping is great, in the upgrades menu and garage. It would be also welcome in garage sort type, the pause menu, and the tuning menu.

Agreed it needs some speeding up, it does my head in doing anything from buying a perk to reclaiming a car from the AH, especially the time taken to load the garage after doing anything and when it does the icons are all delayed for an unacceptable amount of time.
Forzathon live has always closed by the time I save my work and exit the garage, its a pain always.

The whole menu / garage needs a rebuild.

I like my garage neat and sorted but it is chaos when it is only sorted by year and not specific model.
I have 3 different model cars, all 1973 Ford`s, the XB Falcon, Ford Capri & Capri FE - all of these cars are 1973 and are jumbled together according to PI and not separated by model like FH3 used to be.

I loved the single row garage separated by model in previous titles, this 3 deep thing is just a jumbled mess. It would be ok if I had only one of each model but I drive them and need multiples with tunes for seasons and purposes.

Why does the menu home begin at the left? its always too many steps away from where you want to go.
Every device with a menu I have ever owned has the home key in the middle so everything is either left or right reducing the amount of clicks required to anywhere.
Tuning would have to be considered important in here at least put that tab next to home - its really not user friendly.

I agree to this, the menu’s take way too long to load, even going into my Cars takes almost forever, not the mention the claiming the cars that didn’t sell on the AH, collecting the credits from the Cars that have sold is fast, but other than that almost every single thing in the game takes forever to load, honestly I have never had so many annoyances, frustrations, irritations and problems with game mechanics and how things are in this state than with any other Forza Game to date. Horizon 4 is a mess.

I feel the frustration too, it’s almost like they did it just to waste my time and be annoying. I remember when menu structures in PC games loaded and worked immediately. Even with he weaker hardware of 15 years ago, everything was immediate. Upgrading cars in NFSU2 was faster than FH4, and the upgrades menu, for me, is significantly faster than the perks menu.

Home should absolutely be in the middle of pause for efficiency’s sake, and tuning should be VERY close to the player’s fingers from pause! The core of the game is tuning to perfection and driving. Truly a no-brainer when you step back and look at it. 99 times of 100, when I pause, it’s to enter tuning, fast travel to the festival or change cars. Only change cars is in the home tab and that’s even the least likely button I could be going for. Almost every time I pause I hold down right bumper until I’m on the cars tab.

The garage, I’m ok with. Between manufacturer sort, bumpers+stick to navigate, class sort, and favorites, it’s not hard to find the cars I want in seconds. It doesn’t support ultrawide monitors properly, so the interface ends at 1920 pixels, and the car thumbnails extend through and beyond to the edge of the screen. It’s not as bad as FM7, which has NO menu beyond 1920 pixels whatsoever, only in race scenes does anything render there. I didn’t have FH3 for comparison.

Generally, picking cars, I tap X>Down>A to sort by class. If I don’t like a car or am not interested in driving it I take off a part to move it out of the x00 even class rating. I’ve deleted most of the cars I won’t ever drive, like all of the Chevys with the grating V8 sound, Audis with 58% front weight or more, anything 54% front or more that’s RWD and won’t be competitive or at least as fun as the cars closer to 50/50 or rear-biased. Had it down to 360 cars last week (no car pass). Almost to 400 now, going to have to grind skill points and sit through buying wheelspins for 20 minutes so I can kick the extra cars out again.

A feature I’ve been wanting for a long time… infinite hotlapping with no AI and on-track tuning. I have trouble tuning cars to be fast unless I commit myself to driving them as hard as possible, and let the flaws in the tune show themselves over time rather than looking for them. That means, I start a race, take a lap to pass the AI, then 1 to 2 flying laps to feel out the car, finish and re-enter or restart, enter tuning, tweak something… and start again. That adds a lot of time.

I agree too, everything is sluggish, you have to wait for transitions, fades, animations etc. - the sort of stuff most people turn off for their operating system because it gets in the way of the user experience. It’s also clunky and has too many options, the whole thing needs a radical overhaul and simplification.

The car selection screen was significantly better in FH3 in my opinion. Seems to be one of those changes for change’s sake that plagues the software industry in general, we have to change it to make it newer, and never mind if it’s an improvement or a degradation of the user experience.

While on that subject, is there any way to speed up / simplify the loading process? I have to tell the game to load THREE TIMES. This is the only game (and FH3) that needs telling three times. You can’t just load it and wait. No. You load it, then sit through three unskippable screens during which it is apparently not loading the game (looking at task manager) so this is wasted time. Then it puts you to a screen where you have to click for it to load. What? Then a few seconds later another screen where you have to AGAIN tell it to load. This is so incredibly stupid. And on Windows 10, the game often doesn’t load when minimised. That’s right. It’s not enough that you have to wait over a minute for it to load even when the game is already cached in the RAM from last time, and you have a fast SSD. No, it doesn’t even let you do something else while it loads, half the time. You load it, then alt-tab to use the web or whatever, go back to the game, and see it was ‘waiting’ for you to come back before it continued loading! smh. It’s like it’s needy and wants your attention. You WILL watch these loading screens and you won’t skip them or do something else! Microsoft! Playground Games! Turn 10! Yes! Yes we know. We know who made the game thanks. We just want to play it.

I hear you loud and clear!

I thought it was only myself that thought like this with regards so called “Upgrades” to software.

Probably the reason I’m still using Win7 and cannot stand Win10. LOL

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Same here… I tolerate Windows 10 purely for the Play Anywhere games like Forza but otherwise I dual boot with Windows 7 for when I need to get something important done, or just have an easier more pleasant user experience! I’m not a luddite who thinks older is always better, not at all, but after a few years of trying to love Windows 10, it’s just rather unlovable.

100% Mac, mostly because of Win 10. You should see how much fun it is trying to administer Win 10 in a business setting where real work is expected to get done. Not fun!! We really dread the mandatory version updates which often render the computers useless for awhile until we get things sorted out.

So, console only (yeah I know it is win 10) for me for the video games

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It wouldn’t be so bad if MS created a skin to give user the option to have a Win7 look.

I know you can probably get 3rd part software to do this, but it should be built into the OS.

But in recent years, most software has been cut back in the visual appeal department and opted for minimal colour palettes with those lame 2-colour icons., no gradients or demarcation between sections.

It literally hurts my eyes and takes longer to do anything!

To me, it looks lazy, but the hipsters in charge will be giving themselves high-fives and fist-bumps while sipping their mocchachokkalattechino.

But that’s just me! LOL

It won’t be long before we are back to B&W like the days of DOS, before the ease of use known as the GUI was a thing.

Really? I thought Sony made the best open-world racing series ever. Silly me. ^.^

Edit: My point is, they have already made one of my favorite games. Now, if they could simply remove all of the anti-features, like music I don’t want to hear, cutscenes I don’t want to see, “press enter” screens I don’t want to micromanage, menus I don’t have to slog through, etc…

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Please let us turn the music off… possibly the worst part of the game is being forced to listen to it during pre and post race screens. I’ve already turned the ‘radio’ to 1 (not zero of course… that’s not allowed!) but we are forced to listen to the music. Does any other game do this? Even FM7 lets you turn it off entirely. Have PG got some sort of license deal with the artists that players must be forced to listen to it? It’s very strange. Maybe I should ‘submit a ticket’ with this suggestion. (That’s sarcasm of course.)

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The only solution to this issue I have found is to constantly use the mute/unmute feature on my TV. This is a royal pain. Actually, the only thing I want to hear is my car. Not music, not the incessant babble of the in-game characters. etc.

Many of us would appreciate a Zero setting for the volume of several things in the game.

I just submitted a ticket, btw.


100% agree!

There are many places in the game where so much time is wasted.

One that springs to mind is the when you want to change your car via the pause menu?

That extra confirmation button press where you are asked “WOULD YOU LIKE TO HAVE THIS CAR DELIVERED TO YOU” is so unnecessary.

If the player has already made the decision to change vehicle, scrolled to the required vehicle, selected it and hit “GET IN CAR”, IMHO, that should be enough for the game to realise that the user properly serious about changing from the current car.

So why the need need for the extra confirmation?

If in the rare case the wrong wrong vehicle may have been selected, it’s no big deal to go back and get the correct one.

It is all these little wastes of time within the game that spoil it IMHO.

Someone on another thread a while back came up the the phrase “Baked-In Wait Times” referring to the waiting around throughout FH4 and I couldn’t have put it better myself.

There is just no fluidity in certain areas.

My personal peeves are (to name a few):

  1. The dramatic intro when a “NEW” car is selected from within your garage.
    Fair enough when a vehicle becomes available to you for the first time in your garage, but it is not needed, nor wanted on duplicates or when a car is reclaimed from the AH.

  2. Unnecessary “Perk Point” animations (that take 5 times longer than they need to).
    I’ve lost count how many times I’ve tried to select the next one for it not to be ready.

IMHO, there should be the option to highlight all the “Perk Points” you want to apply and then purchase in one go (providing they are adjoining and legal selections and you have enough PP).

  1. The aforementioned an unnecessary “WOULD YOU LIKE TO HAVE THIS CAR DELIVERED TO YOU” confirmation.

  2. The 30-45 second wait times to reclaim cars individually from the AH.
    Surely selecting multiple vehicles and reclaiming them in one go (dependent on available garage capacity) would be a better option.

Also, it would be great to have the ability to scrap a car directly from the AH…or better still sell back to the Autoshow at below minimum sale price, so so you don’t have to clog up your garage.

  1. When starting an auction, having to wait until you find you have reached your daily limit.
    It would be better if there was the option to view how many auctions you have available at any given time and when your limits refresh before wasting time attempting to start an auction in the first place.

There are may others areas where the game could be streamlined, but these are the ones that spring to mind right now.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like the game very much and have played it almost daily since I got my pre-order copy direct from Microsoft back in September 2018 and it is the only game I play presently other than having a quick look in FH3 from time to time.

Due to the amount of time I’ve spent in game, which is now mostly grinding/farming for skill points, “Forzathon Live” and “Seasonal Challenges” after completing everything more than two months ago, the accumulated time wasted for myself is probably a lot more than most and I just feel that the experience would have been/could still be a lot better if there was a lot more streamlining where tasks are laborious and take me away from what I bought the game for…to play!

I dare say a lot of these waiting times cannot be altered now due to them being part of the core game, but hopefully some can be looked at.

I do have a theory tho as to why so much waiting is “Baked-In”.

If all the waiting is client-side (XB1/PC), then that will take load off the FH4 servers for a short amount of time.

Maybe not a lot of time individually, with 5 million plus players hammering the servers at any one time this could add up to a lot of resources being saves server-side.


I make liberal use of mute as well. On my tenkeyless keyboard that’s a 2-key process. Alt-tab is easier and works just as well if I’ve forgotten to enable streamer mode before entering pvp.

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Thanks for reminding me about streamer mode.

Big question, though. Is it possible to not stream if the streamer mode is on. I really don’t like wasting bandwidth.

If I’m honest, the music and the babble of the in game characters is a bigger irritant to me than all of the ramming, cheating, etc during a race.

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Reclaiming a car from the auction house is just painful. You have to wait a couple of minutes to collect it then you have to find it in your garage and reauction it for sale all of which take about 5mins per car. This isn’t my internet but a UI and server side issue. A simple option to allow all unsold cars to be reauctioned in the auction house menu would be so helpful.


Unless I’m very confident it will sell, I just delete my unwanted cars now, it’s just less hassle. I wish we could remove barn finds too because it’s hard to get buyers.

I’ve deleted around 300 cars so far, maybe more, and I still have almost 400. Sold an Aventador FE on the auction house last month, deleted some duplicate FE’s because nobody will buy them even for cheap. Kind of holding out to find a way to level up tuner and/or painter so I can charge a million or 2 for wheelspin exclusives like the Foxbody Cobra and 2010 Golf R, getting close to just letting them go at default max price because I spent about 7 of 14 million on a Type D and W154 last week and am already back over 11 million credits from odd wheelspins. Getting sick of the game overall lately. The only thing I enjoy is tuning cars to (semi)perfection and the game is constantly trying to interrupt my workflow and distract me from building relationships with the cars.

I don’t understand why the control panel still exists exactly like it did in Windows 7, yet it’s a PITA to find. I have a shortcut to it in my start menu and I remember it being difficult to arrange. Instead of overhauling the entire interface, they’ve added another layer with the “Settings” window that often serves as a portal to the shortcuts to things that are still what they were in Win7. If I right-click on my desktop, click display settings, I get the Display section of Settings. From there, I have to click Advanced Display Settings, then Display Adapter properties, THEN the familiar window of “Generic PnP Monitor etc…” comes up, with a Monitor tab where I can change my refresh rate…

Forza Horizon 4 Features Wishlists

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