Please someone tell me there will DLC with Highway races for the SuperCars and X Class Roadtrips?

Will there be new track sets at all for the road trips like when we all vote on the class of vehicle and the 4 events they should change up alot more atleast once a week swtich them up. I find it very weird that there is no high way races or any races in road trips to show up the pure top speed of S2 Class cars And why not just add an X category to Road Trips what harm could that do? Also there is pretty much nothing to show of what muscle cars can really do every track that your pretty much on with a muscle car or any car for that matter has a little nice straight away but then what comes up when you hit 5th gear? DIRT. Last thing why why why wouldn’t you put drag races as an event in the road trips choice some kids love drag racing and it shoulda been more implemented in the game then only in free roam it would show off some of what those muscle cars where built for. That’s my opinion of course if any wants to drag race in free roam let me know or road trips both are great kitty out.

Thank you for your feedback.

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