Please remove the skill point cap

I don’t understand why this exists, why the maximum you can get is 10. If i can keep my drift going and gain enough points to reach one million, i should get 100 skill points in return. Instead you only get 10 skill points per 100,000 score. Having to stop every 100,000 points really screws my flow, i would prefer to keep going and earn as many skill points as i want without have to stop and bank them every time i reach 100,000.


500k gets you 10 perk points, 50k per point. Be thankful it’s not the 3 point limit that was on FH3


Actually it’s 100,000 points for 10 skill points, well it is with the Boss 302. It’s 50,000 points for 10 skill points during a skill song. The cap isn’t needed, it’s just there to extend the grind as it takes on average 40 seconds to count the remaining score after the car comes to a stop. If i didn’t have to stop, i could easily net 100 skill points every twenty minutes.

No, it’s 50K per Skill Point, period. Skill Songs change the multiplier, nothing more. You’re talking 100K score for 10 points, plus a 5x multiplier, for 500K total. No idea why someone would bother grinding skill score in a car that only has a 5x multiplier, though.

I’m sorry friend, but your maths is off. It will always be 50k points per skill point. You will always get 10 skill points when you reach 500k. How you reach that score, what modifiers the car has, is completely irrelevant.

What you are saying is that you can Do a quick 5 skills, reach modifier 5x and a score of 20k, and you get 10 skill points with the Boss Mustang? I am sorry sir, but that is impossible.

That cap is in place for a multitude of reasons, spamming and potential exploits being one, of not chief of them all. As a developer you do not want to think “what if a player keeps a skill score going for 3 hours and reaches 4+ billion skill score, how many skill points does he get?” No. 10 is a fair compromise, it takes 2-3 minutes to get with a good car, and less when you do a skill song. That means you have to dedicate time to farming skill points, rather than doing a bajillion skill streak and getting thousands of skill points.


When drifting all i need to do is drift until i hit 100,000 with an x5 multi and it nets me 10 skill points. I only need 50,000 points with a x10 multi while a skill song is playing. So no, my math isn’t off.

Well you talk abaout points with multiplier than other peoples talk without them, so when you get 100,000 x5 (or 50,00 x10) you get 500,000 skill score what gives 10 skill points meaning you get one skill point per every 50,000 skill score.

And i agree that limit should at least be higher, all the time in drift adventures i hit over million skill score so would be nice to get that 20+ skill points instead getting only 10.

Honestly, the longer I keep my chain going, the more likely I am to mess up and break the chain and get no points. At least this way I know when to stop. Waiting for it to bank before I can start a new chain is kindof annoying.

Maybe they could fix it so that it automatically banks when it hits 10. Ideally, with a kind of ‘safety’ link to bank the points, but keep the chain going, but starting a new chain automatically would also be fine with me.


That’s why they included the 25 point perk which allows you to hit something twice before taking your points. I was enjoying drifting, wasn’t really paying attention to the score but i ended up getting a drift score of 1,356,482 with my Boss 302, i only got 10 points because of the stupid cap which i found to be annoying. I see no reason why it should be capped, you’re going to earn the points anyway so what’s the point of getting us to stop and bank every 100,00 points. It’s a dumb design choice and it’s not needed.

Oh, I make ample use of that one too! :smiley:

I think we’re in agreement, that having to stop to bank your chain, or loose points really breaks up the flow when you’re in a good groove. Removing the cap is one way to deal with it, but my idea of automatically banking the chain when it hits the cap would accomplish the same thing without breaking your chain. Two options for dealing with the same problem, really

I like that idea. I also wonder about the skills that disappear when an event you’ve enter and are waiting on to start, as well as live events. They just bust up as if you’ve wrecked as soon as event starts.

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I’d be thrilled to see a 15 or 20 point ceiling. With the new drift adventure I regularly hit 100K in a skill chain and to still only get 10 seems like being robbed. Thats why I would prefer a total tally of points over how much can be achieved in a single lap

I suspect the reason why the cap exists is to guard against exploits. There have been ways to set up races (fixed now, not sure if any still exist) so that you can be AFK and just keep racking up skill points. The cap limits the success of these exploits.


Exploits or no, current skill cap is very grindy considering how much time it will take to complete car masteries by unlocking all perks from 50 cars, which is one requirement to unlock all Forza points from Horizon 4.

It’s all right to the point, I have 3 starred everything, have all achievements. I have really enjoyed of some user made tracks and unlocking all the perks from cars is something to do while waiting for next expansion.

However I have completed 35 car masteries now and doing all the stuff for skill points is getting tedious. I don’t think I’m going to bother completing car masteries on cars with 16 perks except for couple of cars that unlock FE cars or lot’s of credits. While it’s easy to choose cars with just few perks It makes me question if devs really considered skill point economy vs. number of perks earlier. I think some of the missions added later in game are just to give additional motivation for performing tasks that net skill points.

The whole economical situation regarding skill points would be so much easier if only Extra Life perk would cost 15 instead of 25 points to unlock.

I do agree that it does feel grindy. When I said what I said I didn’t mean to sound it like I was defending the developers, I was just trying to point out that this cap was done most likely intentionally and knowingly, and having tested other caps. They probably wanted for skill point farming to be an occasional endeavor.

I am at 43 cars right now, my downfall is that I chose to upgrade only FE/Legendary cars, or cars that I would actually drive on a regular basis. There are many people out there who have completed the requirement a long time ago. If you think about it, the top shelf of a 16 skills car costs 40 points. If you take 2 more skills from the other row you reach 50, that’s 2 extra-knock masteries. So with all of the skills I dumped in my 40+ cars, I would have filled 50 common/rare cars a loong time ago. But I am okay with that choice. 43 is not that high, and if I spend 10-15 minutes I will get enough skill points to complete another car, so I’m just taking my time.

Also! I do agree that a slightly lower value of the 25 SP mastery, 15 feels a bit low to me, but 20 feels okay, would make things a lot easier.

I think 15 would had been good for players motivation to upgrade cars that they actually drive, rather than taking shortcut and upgrading cars with least perks while at the same time building towards more car masteries. I’m sorta lucky I like driving older and lower tier cars in SP, earlier today I grinded enough points to complete couple of car masteries and then started unlocking perks on old WV Beetle, which I found also fun to drive, but how many actually does that? And even then I think I will be upgrading a few which I’m pretty sure I’m not going to drive.

Anyway, 15 - 20, I’m not going to really argue. Overall it’s just that if perks weren’t so costly or skill points were easier to achieve during normal game play this could had been pretty fun side feature instead of grind and players getting frustrated with skill point cap.

Do drift adventure and the next thing you’ll be complaining about is the limit of 999 skill points that you can have. I had about 600 skill points when I started drift adventure. I fully mastered all 10 cars I used for it, and still had 600 skill points at the end of it.

OH DAMN, no wonder i kept hitting 10 in those drift races… i thought i was doing calculations wrong, but there was a cap… [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D]

Yeah removing the cap would be great & make me Hoon more!! DJS has a great tutorial 600 SKILL POINTS PER HOUR no glitches just some grinding. When you use the Hoonicorn & unlock the perks you only need 70k skill points instead of 100K. Go to the airstrip & combine drift, wreckage, binman, open road, etc etc you can get 600 per hour. Here’s the link Forza Horizon 4 - How to earn 600 Perk-Points EVERY HOUR!!!! Fastest method in the game!! - YouTube

lol, I hate those hoonicorn cars. The cars from Tokyo Drift would have been better.