Please remove anything multiplayer competitive from FH5 daily/weekly list

Please remove anything multiplayer competitive from FH5 daily/weekly list
Modern players cannot imagine playing without winning, even if they have to BLATANTLY CHEAT.
And since FH5 has no anti-cheat whatsoever, people are now quite blatantly cheating in eliminator (objectively, the most fiercely competitive mode where nothing matters other than winning).

I was driving in a level 5 car vs a lvl 3 car on a highway, I was slowly crawling forward (because DUH my top speed is higher) and then they magically accelerate beyond 250 (more like 280) and fly towards the goal, OVER A FIELD.

I won’t ask for the impossible - a simple anti-cheat for the game. All I want is removal of any remotely competitive mode from daily and weekly challenges to stop encouraging toxic behavior.


It’s highly unlikely they will make any changes as both the current and future daily/weekly/seasonal lists would have been developed prelaunch.

Unlikely, unfortunately, but I second that. I wish developers would stop acting like online is the be-all-and-end-all feature in racing games. Don’t get me wrong, its a nice feature, but… just make good single player racing games again, dang it!


It is sad to say. but the devs certainly won’t do stop using any multiplayer content from the daily or weekly challenges. They just have to serve content for players that let sticking them to Xbox Live Gold. How could Microsoft marketing that stuff, if the flagstore games for the xbox consoles don’t have exclusives or challenges locked behind that monthly subscription?

So it is not a question of game mechanics, but also a economic aspect for the publisher.

And we all know, if it comes to money the friendship ends^^

I like the online stuff. I would not want them removed.

I am trying to think about creative solutions to keep everyone happy.

2 thoughts

  1. Wildcard coins. You can earn a coin by maybe doing a Goliath run and then use the coin to tick any challenge. Maybe limit how many coins can be earnt each week.

  2. Do the challenges like do an offline task or an online task ie 2 options for each challenge.

I would choose the online options myself.

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This is literally OP’s idea, but with different wording. As for what you would choose, that’s also not relevant. Having seen how many douchecanoes there are in the online portion of this game, I’d much prefer to not have to team up with them, just to play what is mostly a single player game. It’s idiotic.

Umm its not literally close to the OP.

Here is my rant. I am sick of hearing its all too hard or too online etc.

Once again looks like those actually good at the game are to have their fun watered down.

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Well, if the devs are doing things pretty badly, you shouldnt be “sick” of hearing the same over and over again. At least that proves that players actually “care”. lol. Whatever that means.
Go feature after feature that the devs copied from FH4 to FH5. Every single one is made way worst than it was. Why , why , why? because the devs are clueless and they dont care. Its pretty simple.
I just wish people could complain way more in every single videogame and stop buying just because you can, not only in FH5. Because FH5 is not the only one.

i agree as well, i try to go out of my way to avoid multiplayer, and putting daily challenges linked to it is just pushing more toward this being the last horizon game i ever play

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fun fact i have never played online fh1,2,3 and 4 and never felt something was missing, now the only reason i play online in 5 because of some cars or suits i’ll never even use, ironically

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I hate PvP, and thus I don’t do those events. Doing them isn’t at all necessary, and thus that seems to be the best solution.

I would hope there is a way to keep everyone happy.

Statistically improbable to the point of being practically impossible. The best that can be realistically hoped for is to keep a majority happy, and that’s probably slightly optimistic.

As someone who not long ago almost buried xbox brand, said : #dealWithIt. Just dont do them. Having that 100% it’s worthless.

True when something or the other is bugged hard in the playlist. Right now, no one has been able to complete 100% so far due to busted Treasure Hunt as well as those 2 bugged dailies where you have to complete Horizon Story and Horizon Expedition.

Playground Games need to think of not wearing out their players with constant online. FH4 playlist I could complete in an hr or two. But FH5 week’s task take 4-5 hrs.

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I have no idea what this guy said

I think Mike Brown will take onboard everyones feedback and will add more online competitive challenges to future dailies and weeklies to keep everyone happy.


I am not at all enjoying pvp in the weekly or daily but I can understand the push to have peoples joining those events.

I would not mind if the devs were to keep those doable without the task becoming a real burden.
Seriously who though it was smart to put such dailies :

  • Drive a lvl 7 car in Eliminator
  • Denying 5 flags in a Team Flag Rush

Especially when the eliminator is still plagued with bugs that prevent players from seeing each others, and there are peoples who are just not going to bother with the
Deny the flag task.

Tried to start Team Flag Rush games only to have the game telling me I will join a game, seeing the players supposedly agreeing, only to been sent back into an empty lobby or
offline just “because”…

Really, don’t put multiplayers task when you can’t assure your players the stability needed to perform them.

Same about the previous bugged task, why in hell have they not provided every players with an ‘auto accomplished task’ and the reward for it when they could not debug the Treasure Hunts ?


I don’t forsee any major changes to the structure of Festival Playlists at all, as part of their intent is to have people try out all the modes a game has to offer.

Nobody’s forcing us to do these challenges, so if you don’t like or aren’t interested in a set don’t do them. If enough people feel the same way, that’ll show up in the team’s engagement metrics and if the impact is significant enough, they’ll come up with alternative ideas to keep people interested and playing.

10 people on a forum aren’t going to make or force changes like this, but 100,000 not playing a particular game mode because it’s no longer fun, that’s what a AAA developer listens to the most.

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Yep. Most players don’t want to do everything. Players have likes and dislikes. Forcing players to do activities they dislike will not end well.