Please, please, PLEASE do a better job on the multiplayer!

I’m writing this while waiting for almost 45 minutes now to start the first race of a ranked adventure on FH4.

Please, do a better job for the multiplayer side of FH5, get rid of the useless transitions, exhausting loading times and futile animations. Maybe it’s late now since the job should almost be done but anyway, please, optimize the multiplayer.

Me and my friends love to play multiplayer on every FH game but since FH4 we just can’t manage to play and have fun, too many dead times, server issues and crashes for no reason.

I really hope that FH5 will be better on this side.

EDIT: Loading’s over, I’m the only one left, easy win.


Yep, FH4 multiplayer is pretty bad.

I’m new to Forza, so I first shared my impression on commonplace like Reddit about FH4 Multiplayer, pretty negative.

I heard that they will improve the server hosting multiplayer for FH5, so I cross the finger they gonna do something “decent”.

Agreed. Wholeheartedly.

And this applies to co-op modes as well. I recently tried to play the game again with a friend, and it was an absolutely frustrating experience. Loading screens that never end (we were both on NVME SSDs), useless animations that last as long as a loading screen (or maybe they are just there to cover for another one) and issues all around, sometimes forcing us to restart the game entirely, because you can’t press ANY button while the game is stuck in “searching” mode.

While this is a better game all around, last year I played The Crew 2 for the first time, and I played it in its entirety with friends, because the online mode is just that good. A seamless multiplayer experience that’s just miles ahead of Forza. And I’m sorry to say this, because I love this game, but I mostly play it solo, online is just too frustrating.

Please, for the love of god, make it a better experience on the next chapter.

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The whole Online/Multiplayer needs a revamp or go back to how it use to be, because they’ve ruined it all in FH4.

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It’s probably your connection.


Nah, try again.


Oh, just to save time, I play on PC and this is my configuration:

Gigabyte RTX 3080
i9 9900KF
RAM16GB DDR4 3200MHz
1TB SSD NVME ( on which the game is installed )

I play on 2K with max settings at 144FPS, no issue on this side and no network issue on other games ever.

They appear to have broken the game at or around the time when they added Steam. It’s always had its problems with disconnections but the interminable loading times are a relatively (as in last few months) development, which hasn’t been properly fixed.

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Could be because of many new people.

Usually worst experience always had people with broken connection. That’s the reason it’s not fixed yet. There is no reason for it.

Or maybe it’s country related and some countries are rather bad - no near servers.

They didn’t necessarily break it, simply adding Steam players could have been the cause without any change in the game. I haven’t seen any explanation of how FH4 multiplayer works, but the official instructions are that players should forward the Xbox Live port, and this suggests it uses peer to peer networking (unlike most AAA games, which is why people report other games working fine). Steam players are unlikely to have this port forwarded. So the game going on sale on Steam would be expected to reduce the percentage of players who have their network configured with the Xbox Live port forwarded, increasing the incidence of problems that would cause. As I’ve said before, I suddenly started having huge connection problems with no change in my setup, and forwarding the Xbox Live port fixed the problem. I know FN has argued that can’t possibly be the issue, but it would fit with Steam players causing problems, and I don’t see why anyone who is having problems wouldn’t at least TRY setting their system up according to the developers’ instructions.


I found it appalling that they decided to go for another “always online” experience after the disaster that was FH4 online. They clearly weren’t prepared to properly support it, with numerous bugs never getting resolved, servers clearly overwhelmed, co-op experience consistently compromised on order to keep server resources on specific parts of the game, and rediculous fixes that should never be needed or even asked of the end user.

I hope they fix the issues for 5, but I have no faith they will.

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What issues?

Do you have public address and no problem on the way to the servers?

Absolutely zero issues on any other game.

And with “any other game” I mean almost every AAA game that comes out a ton of indie games, I use to review videogames on my free time for a website, the list is pretty long now.

Ofc I have the Public IP address provided by the ISP, don’t play on this ground with me, I’m a Network Administrator, I know how it works both on ISP and on Client side.

The game is just overwhelmed with mini-sessions, loading times and transitions, trying to keep everything and everyone in sync and that’s the main issue. If a user quits after a race the game takes MINUTES to realize it, there’s no network space in this.

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It’s fine then. I played online for two years and never had problems. But when somebody with crappy connection connected to convoy, everything bad started. After Steam release there were issues for sure because of popularity. Otherwise game looks fine. Yeah, PGG with disconnections is not good :smiley:

Maybe PC version has different issues than Xbox.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of a full-online experience and I’d like to play throughout the entire FH5 experience with my friends, I mean both campaign and multiplayer. Sadly, I think that it’s almost impossible with this setup. Look at The Crew 2, awful driving experience on the cars side ( bikes and other veichles are not bad ) but an incredible fast and clean experience on the multiplayer side, you can literally jump-in your friend session and teleport to him in mere seconds, not minutes. They should try to achieve this kind of stability and speed in FH5, at least I hope they will.

Loading? On Xbox it loads in like 10 seconds and on my PC it loads in about 20 tops. PC will improve on Win11 with direct storage but if you want faster loading times you need faster hardware.

A series x for console and on PC you need a gen4 SSD that isn’t the same drive as your windows install or swap file and a fast multi core cpu like the 5800x. Your gpu also matters but there the most important factor is memory speed.

I feel your pain, man. I hate it when I have to wait 30 minutes for online races to load up too.

FH5 needs good wheel support, if they want a large playerbase online. Streamers build hype, boost playerbase numbers and majority of streamers are using wheels. They won’t stick around long if FH5 has atrocious wheel support like FH4. Look at what Codemasters do with there F1 games, there is controller players who qualify for Esports events and there isn’t a disadvantage for using controller.

It should be akin to the F1 games in FH5, both wheel and controller should be as effective as each other. In FH4 you’re at a disadvantage using a wheel and that is ridiculous.

Same experience as bree.