I’ve been saying thing for A LONG TIME now,

1.) WHY can we NOT have the BASE Models of cars put into the game, it would add so much more variety to the game.

2.) If we can’t have BASE Model Cars, then let us take the SPOILERS & WINGS OFF of the CARS, PLEASE.

I’ll provide an Example of this(My problem with FORZA HORIZON)

  • for instance, if I want to get a Lamborghini Gallardo in the game, I have to complete the Accolade, to get the 2011 Lamborghini Gallardo LP-579-4 Superleggera.

That’s fine, with this game seemingly being more customizable than ever, I think, “hey I can just remove the Spoiler from the car”(like you can do in any other racing game)… NOPE.

then I check multiple other cars in game and its the same story.

If the issue is some sort of manufacturer licensing/image deal, then I go back to my 1st point. Base Models.


People seem to not care too much but I actually do remove spoilers and ugly aerodynamics on my car anytime it’s possible. I like my cars clean and looking stock/base model. Also I always found the original design of cars more appealing than the swollen, overly complex race version.
As for what op is asking for, a lot of cars allow us to remove spoilers and stuff. Even ugly bumpers for older cars. It’s a shame I can’t do it on every car but I’m thankful this is an option for many cars. If this can be expanded though…