PLEASE NO rewind allowed for leader boards

i find it insulting that “rewind” is allowed to get top scores !
PLEASE pretty please make a 1st class leader board to those that NEVER use rewind !
what else you want me to say ?
tired of hacks, glitch …what EVER, it just makes things look dumb DOWN !

Rewind will automatically “dirty” a lap so is pointless for leaderboards anyway

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Maybe OP was referring to drift and speed zones? I don’t pay much attention to those LB’s so I’m not for sure about it, but you could rewind as much as you want in a drift/speed zone without any effect on your LB placement right?

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Any time I rewind more than once in a speed or drift zone, it always flashess ‘fail’. Ymmv

What’s the point of including rewind in a car game, you might ask then?

Or how do you know that these high achievers just aren’t freaky awesome?

To account for the AI, of course. That’s the reason I leave it on. I can manage my car, my line, etc., but I can’t do anything about being rammed by a Drivatar but rewind and dodge it.

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I’d. Guess because he’s not good enough to beat them, so he assumes they’re ‘cheating’

I thought rewind cancelled the run. It’s definitely useful for traps and jumps, though.

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It doesn’t normally, but I have noticed it fail the run on the odd occasion (but I think it’s mainly just the game not registering fast enough that you failed the run before hitting rewind, either because you were too far off course or your speed had dropped too much). If you fail a run early-on you can usually rewind back out to before the start point, however you have to give yourself enough space/time for the on-screen messages to go away before you hit the start otherwise it often won’t begin properly.

I use rewind in rivals, because if you dirty your lap in the last section (not just the last corner like most seem to think), it will dirty your next lap. That alone wastes so much time and kills my motivation. But it’s also extremely useful for practicing difficult sections without having to throw as many laps away. It will dirty the lap that you use it on, every time without exceptions, but using rewind after you dirty the lap in the last section will not dirty the next lap (assuming you don’t get penalised again before reaching the finish line), it is a time saving measure. Same for Motorsport.

If you call ^that^ cheating, then I don’t know how you live with yourself.

As for the PR stunt leaderboards, using it should fail your current score if it is a point to point scoring zone (speed zone, drift zone, trailblazer), but for run-ups to jumps and traps it’s fair game, IMO. There are other factors at play with the jumps and traps, but the p2p zones have ghosted traffic and a defined boundary, like a rival lap it should be failed by default when rewind is used, since there is no such thing as clean/dirty PR stunt scores. As long as you aren’t using an exploit to get that score (glitch, mod, push from train or a big car, etc.), there shouldn’t be an issue.

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I call it cheating.

I think there is more to worry about than the use of rewind. Though if you are talking about the glitches etc, then I fully agree. One thing I’ve always asked for is the Scoreboards for PR’s to only register if you are in a Horizon Session and NOT in solo mode.

This would cut down in the major cheats who use a PC and well known cheat software.

Seriously bugs me I’m pushed out of PR trail blazer top Tens cause someone uses a Damn cheat software in Solo mode. It’s plagued every Forza Scoreboard / Leaderboard .

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Good for you, don’t care.


I have wonder this many time before and i still wonder how somebody think something is cheating when using feature that is been in forza many many years. And another is peoples like opener, everyone has equal possible to use rewind or not use rewind yet allways there are some peoples complaing other peoples using rewinds. Guess what we that use rewind can do those same scores without rewind also.


I don’t see rewind as cheating at all, merely as a timesaver. Rewind doesn’t allow you to do anything you couldn’t without it, but it does make it easier to quickly retry and learn from your mistakes (or account for the randomness of the traffic and the drivatar griefing for PR stunt run-ups).


Personally i like the way “dirty” lap registers in Motorsport series !
i think horizon should have done the same, use rewind just ONCE & you’re put behind the worst guy who NEVER used it “plain & simple”

i am hoping they introduce “dirty” for using rewind in the next horizon if they can’t bring it to FH4.
I do think it’s a cheat especially for that fortune island quick run dash thing with the green flags —>>> edit: trail blazer .