PLEASE - No more big size "Final Showdon" insert in the middle of the screen at The Eliminator final

On every final showdown it annoys me a lot because the BIIIIG insert “Final Showdown” covers the hole screen and avoids a propper view to the street/ground.
See it on the screenshot.

SO PLEASE: Write what ever you want BUT SMALL under the main view or at any place you want where it NOT covers my main view!!! Who ever did this massive font insert “Final Showdown” (and the following “LOS” (in german) in the middel of the view has never ever played The Eliminator final race himself !!

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Or the giant “Go!”blocking the middle of the screen at the start of any head to head for multiple seconds. So stupid. Stop blocking field of vision!

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As we could see in already released FH5 eliminator footage on youtube, they AGAIN didnt listen to the community and again placed the BIG inserts in the middle of the view :-((((((

I guess that “level disigners” never play their games themselves :-((((( otherwise they wouldt do such completely stupid things!!