Please nerf bone shaker!

Good morning, my friends, how are you?

I would like to talk about Bone Shaker, this car has much higher characteristics than the others in the same class, making the competition unfair, this is evident when you run a race where at least 5 other players use Bone Shaker.

It’s a shame to have Hotwheels cars in the game, island of fortune and [Mod Edit - Hieronymus (Profanity removed)] that DOES NOT exist in the real world, it’s a shame that Turn 10 insists on making the Forza Horizon a children’s game. (I.e.


  • Please put a special bonus for players who make the correct way through the roads in the “free road races”. Make the game fairer.

Thank you

The Bone Shaker exists in real life.


OP, I think you are missing the intended point of the Horizon series.

Some of the challenges require you to take off road routes as opposed to the on road ‘suggested’ routes in order to finish in the time allotted for 3 stars.

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I know the intention of the Horizon series, however there must be a middle ground, half a point, half a half, Turn 10 is too much for the fantasy side and that is a problem.

It was no longer enough for them to have destroyed Forza 7 with DARK HDR, did not even create a way to disable that garbage, an entire game thrown in the trash because of it, my money thrown away.

There’s only three fantasy cars in the game - the two Final Fantasy cars and the Warthog. And Fortune Island is positively mundane. They’re not for the fantasy side nearly enough. Hopefully the second expansion rectifies that.



I already have this buddy, but it is impossible to play with the trash of the HDR.

There is already a thread with 100+ replies about the Bone Shaker, here:

They must know by now that this car is destroying multiplayer; what I do wonder is if they knew how strong it was before adding it back in as a seasonal reward?

I send in a feedback ticket with around ~40 examples of this car being discussed on reddit/youtube, where people give detailed reasoning behind the car being OP.
At this point if they don’t fix it, it will be one of the four options below:

1: Devs/PG don’t believe in having any car balancing post release out of principle
2: They are working on it but have designated it low priority
3: They don’t think the car is OP (factually incorrect)
4: They are unaware of the situation/don’t care

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You cannot just nerf it. It isnt some flat value that places a car in a class.

The only way to fix boneshaker is to very specifically identify what, if any actual advantage it gives in a PI class over the other cars in the average race.

Then weighting of said trait in the PI score is what needs adjusting, not the car or the physics that cause it.

In my opinion the Boneshaker should have much much more drag. We know from previous games cars have a base aero-drag value. All the developers need to do is just add an offset drag value into the Boneshaker to make it cap out at ~160mph.

But the secondary reason the boneshaker is overpowered is cars with low stock weights and medium-high HP (Daytona, TZ2, 33S) naturally have too low base PI values. Then, cars with large rear tires actually cost much less PI due to the way the rear wheel formula works with AWD, and the boneshaker has the widest rear tires in the game which makes the damn thing cheaper than it should be.


Now these are important! Good info!

A low drag value? Well that is very significant. So now there are not one, but two improvements. One to the car to deal with a flaw, the other to an issue in core game mechanics.

Not having knowledge myself, what is this flaw?

I get the call to nerf the Bone Shaker, but then you start talking about wanting a serious game and Freeroam Rush, with no concept of what “freeroam” means, and you’ve lost all credibility.


It’s not because it’s a free racing game that you have to do everything anyway, unbalanced, young.

All they really have to do is it make a bottom S1 car. 802 or 803 PI because i’ve been saying for a while that car is just about unbeatable. If you dont have a long highway where you can pass it you probably wont get around it if there’s alot of turns. I have beaten it before but its rare. I’m not trying to drive the same car as everyone else UNLESS its forced.

Again, cannot just make it an s1 car. To do so would mean you need to buff something. What would be buffed? Give it more power?

More power or mandatory race weight or mandatory race tires

There seems to be a language barrier here, so I’ll try to be very clear.

There is no correct way in Freeroam Rush, the whole point is to get from one point to the other in any way you want.

This is not a serious game, and is not meant to be, is not developed to be, and is not marketed to be. You chose the wrong game if that’s what you want.


You know,few people can actually drive that car properly.
The understeer is a real pain to tune out of it.
I have beaten them before, I beat 3 out of four in a race, only taking second because I slipped in the final turn giving tge other play a shot at the lead. Had I been in the Napalm Nova instead of the Gremlin I probably would have won, Nova has better acceleration but the Gremlin is better cornering.
The biggest problem is they require an assassin quad to run interference for them. This usually involves a jeep or truck.
The win at all cost mentality of most players is the biggest problem with this game.
Myself, I love last place, I call it idiot free driving for a reason.

I love you! kkkkkkkkk

The biggest problem of the game is the players, I totally agree, the guys use killer pickup trucks and they just do not mind making bends, the guys use cars that are literally unbalanced and do not care.

What I see is that many people pay the game to make “destruction” and I find this bizarre and unacceptable.

The goal of forza horizon is to be an arcade and I understand and respect that, but the game could provide much more pleasure in driving than it provides today if it were not for those players.

Want an example? The game features more S2 races than S1, in these S2 races all that matters is riding straight as fast as possible hitting on everything and everyone, zero notion.

The real good players are shown in class A and S1.

This is indeed in abundance in this game. Sad but true even when and if they fix many of the multiplayer flaws in this game that promotes it a quote comes to mind. If you make something idiot proof nature will just give us a new and improved idiot.