Please Meet QK Flush

Everyone please be nice and say hello to my new friend, QK Flush. If he bears a strikingly similar appearance to someone that may or may not have been deliberately prevented from posting the past few years, surely that is just an unusual coincidence.

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Thanks Hiero.

Unfortunately i did not have access to the internet for the last 5+ years but i am now officially back for Forza 8 on next gen :slight_smile:
Hope you guys are well. Saw some familiar faces already.

Peace and thanks again Hiero :wink:


Hope you’re well lad, good to see another familiar tag on the forums.


D my man, long time no speak. I hope all is well with you my friend.
Are you hyped about FM8?



It’s officially gonna be your fault Heiro… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: lol

Hope you guys are both well :slightly_smiling_face:

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JANDAAAAAAAAAAAAA! im fine i hope you too! Are you hyped for FM8 my friend? are you making a comeback?

Give me some time to figure out how to shift blame to DamMe somehow.

Suddenly it feels like the band coming back together again in here.


I’m willing to take the blame Hiero - just PM me what I did exactly.

I’m kind of ready for FM8 Tim - just don’t know if it exists lol - has there been an announcement I’ve missed?

not that i know of but i thought it would surely be a release title for next gen? I hope so at least


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You’d think - news has been a little slow on it though. Could be they were hoping for a big summer reveal but Covid may have messed with the plans - who knows. Well T10 knows but, they’re pretty tight lipped about it.

P.s. Hi Janda - hope you & the family are all well too.

ok i didnt even know to be honest for me it was a given Forza 8 would be a console release title. You killed my vibe here buddy :slight_smile:

Lol, ban everyone on this thread before it all goes haywire


Things have changed :slight_smile: how are you my man! hope all is well.

There seems to be a couple of Mods handy, they may be more up to date than I am on FM8 info - not seen anything more concrete than we’re working on the next thing at some point a while ago.

Don’t want to bring you down, just thought it was me missed something lol.

Glad to see you back Mr Flush. No info on FM8 although I think we can all agree its all happening at some point…hopefully soon. No idea what changes theyd make to the editor at this point though.

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Thank you :slight_smile:
Editor was fine with me since FM2 even better on FM3 an onwards. What really drove me away from painting was when they got rid of the storefront. On Fm7 i just couldnt find paintjobs at all anymore. Also gifting cars for colabs was very neccessary.

Pretty safe to assume FM 8 is on the way, but whether or not it’s a lunch title remains to be seen.

Good to see some old names pop up though, Timmy contacted me out of the blue tonight and got me to, well, let’s say fix his access issues. And now DamMe and Janda, who might be next?

Feels like our old band, The FM2 Painters, are getting ready to rehearse for our new album of bad retro covers, “Layer Glitch.”

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If you say layer glitch couple more times Ollie might appear :slight_smile:

Been off the forums for a couple of days and look what’s happened! :astonished:
So much in this thread made me chuckle!! Great to see some of the Old School names again, took me straight back in time to when I just used to stare at my monitor wondering how on earth people were able to create such amazing liveries out of basic shapes. Also when these boards were buzzing… just remembered “Timmy’s Toys” thread ha ha…

Went through your pics Windswept, thanks for sharing the link, I’m a sucker for a stroll down memory lane - will have to see if I can retrieve some from my old photobucket account😉

H, DamnMe, Janda, Hoss, hope you’re all keeping well - welcome back Timmy! :grin: