Please make Forzathon prizes more lucrative!

I love to work and grind for things I want.

I did that in Horizon 3 and in Forza 7.

But for weeks, maybe even months the prizes are just a joke sometimes.

Why should somebody do the tasks to get a car that only costs 25.000 CR to buy?

FT prizes should be only cars you can‘t geg elsewhere or at least multy million cars.

And if you don‘t have FE cars then creat some new ones :wink:

But for me this all looks like they don‘t want us to take part or even don‘t care.

Lets hope they listen :slight_smile:


While I hear what you are saying I also understand thier point…to an extent. I have all but 3 cars in the game and way more credits than I can spend so really nothing will be super rewarding…other than the 3 cars I need. LOL
However not everyone has this and if a player is new or just has not played a lot these prizes may be very welcome. Maybe have 1 specific challenge for those who have most of the game done and the rest aimed at the more casual gamer. A 25,000 dollar car to me is not worth much but for someone who does not have that car will probably appreciate it a bit more. Also if they give away all the multimillion dollar cars for free in these challenges are they still going to be worth multi millions? Maybe, maybe not, but once you go down that road it’s hard to come back if they were wrong and it wrecks the games car value. Just some points to ponder…

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I, for one, am very glad they aren’t forcing me to do chores to get cars that aren’t available any other way.

If you like the game to give you a long list of chores to get things you can’t get any other way, I suggest Chorza Horizon 4, the Festival Playlist will give you hours of joy every week.


It would be nice if the Forzathon at least had cars you can’t get at all right now. I’d love to get my hands on a 87 Trans Am FE, but unless you did the November competition (I came back to Forza in December), it’s impossible. I’d rather have a chore to get a car then not be able to get it at all.

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Check my Forza Score :wink:

No need for your advices .

And yes I also play Horizon 4, waaaaay longer then you.
So as I said. You are a Newbie and these should not give advices to veterans.

I see your point but 25.000 CR is really not much, hot even for a new player, when a lvl up is 50.000.

That was worth saving


I tried to, but the Xbox app didn’t find anyone with your name. You do know that everyone is shown on the forum as having a score of 1050 and having started playing in 2019?


Hilarious that you call someone a newbie but want rewards like a newbie would lol
At this point in the game after 18 months if you were such a veteran you would have had every car and wouldnt need handout rewards…and should have milions and millions of the worthless credits


The Xbox app found you just now, don’t know why it wasn’t finding you before.

Anyway, it says:
FAULTIER FH4 7d 7h 12m
breeminator FH4 32d 17h 40m

So you appear to be mistaken about having played FH4 waaaaay longer than me.

And I’ve played FM7 over twice as long as you.

Come back when you’re less of a noob :wink: (That’s a joke, I don’t actually think like that!)


Probably explains why he’s wanting cars instead of already having them, or more credits than he could use.

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Jeez I was going to comment but I’m not sure if my Forza Score is high enough to be conversing with veterans…


LMAO, ditto.

All cars available in game are in my garage, I don’t even mess with forzathon anymore except to see if there is a suit I don’t have, same with leagues. 83 million credits just waiting to buy two common badges and 6 suits.

You would think someone as humble as faultier and as seasoned, would already have his garage full…


While I agree with some posters saying that locking cars behind a chore list is bad. I also can see the OP’s point with the current state of prizes in Forzathons not being very exciting or interesting enough to complete them. I myself still do all the Forzathon Thingies, just for the simple fact that I’ll be playing anyways and they force me to go to track layouts and use car combinations that I wouldn’t normally think of or try. If I were picking my own races in freeplay, I’d usually end up at the same tracks with the same cars, which over time could lead to burnout. So for that reason if nothing else I still enjoy doing them.

Again back to the OP, I do agree, perhaps at least maybe cars with a Special Livery each week would be cool and entice some not interested in just regular cars. I know they do livery contests, so maybe they could have some where the specific Forzathon challenge was the only place to get that livery by the winner of a themed livery contest. This could even be applied to the Specialty Dealer as well.

BTW to those posting in this thread, a Special Thank You for making me laugh. This thread contains some classic good hearted humor that I more recently find lacking here.

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Agree with OP, the too small forzathlon prizes are a joke. Who cares about “winning” a few grands when you have millions and a garage full of trucks

Whats the current forza score to be allowed to talk toveterans? Head up somewhere it shouldnt be springs to mind.

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Would be cool to do Forzathons that unlock new championships or something similar, You know just to unlock more parts of the game…

I personally Like to do the Forzathons just for the fun of it. Typically with some friends and use the challenges in the Forzathons as a reason to create a crazy race that grabs 1 2 or 3 or more of the objectives in one race.

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There is grind in Forza 7? Found everything to be all but handed to me tbh.


Forzathons are the main reason I play the game weekly. So yes, it does bug me that the rewards are so pitiful sometimes, it feels like it’s not worth the effort to log on and see what they are sometimes.

they have been pretty much not worth the effort for over 6 months , maybe longer

when the rewards are just credits( even if higher amounts) or easily obtainable cars they really are not worth it at all sometimes

not sure where the 15k rewards are , the lowest I’ve seen is 90k, even then pointless for me since I have over 80 million with nothing to use them on

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I totaly agree. The current status of #Forzathon prizes makes me not even want to bother with them. I just really want another shot at some of the cars I previously missed such as the 2016 Mercedes-AMG C63s Forza Edition and the 2016 Honda Civic type R Forza Edition. What I would like is for Turn 10 to give us the chance to vote for individual cars for #Forzathon every week or so (kind of like they do for the specialty dealer). The prizes don’t always be extreamly rare or expensive cars, but at least once a month give us a chance at a difficult to acuaire Forza Edition or million dollar car. Although I hope that for those, the challenges will be a lot more challenging. I understand where the devs are coming from, but from a selfish perspective, they are making it very difficult to acquire the few cars that I am missing.