Please Make Eventlab Less Difficult

I’m lacking the possibily of finishing a big tokyo project due to the limited prop count and lack of other functions. The prop counter is acting weird. The prop capacity bar goes up a lot whenever I add a new object which takes away a lot of prop space, but it goes up a little bit when I duplicate it. Also, we need some actual roads as props or at least road markers so we can make the places we want. Lastly, give us a snapping feature where we can attach props to other props. It would make it sooo much easier. Thanks guys.

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I believe this was discussed in one of the monthly streams, and is quite intentional.

100% behind you on this one, I’m trying to build an asphalt pit lane for a circuit race, it’s taking ages to get things smooth enough.


What did they say about it?

Exactly what you’ve observed, as far as I can remember, that the first one costs the most, duplicates don’t. It’s very clever management.

Sorry I’m still a bit confused on what you’re trying to tell me. Are you saying they made it this way on purpose? Or were they planning to change it?

I started to build some projects in the EventLab, but I ended up giving up on each of my attempts.

I miss this ease and practicality:


I wish they’d fix one of the bugs in the game. Just one please. And fix it without adding in three more.
Please developers, pick one, and fix it. :shushing_face: and not your nose either.

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The first time you use an asset on a map, it costs a greater % of the total memory available. If you then add another identical asset, it doesn’t cost as much %, presumably because of the way the code is written to handle the memory allocation. It’s very deliberate management. Without it, we would only be able to put a very small amount of assets into a map, because there’s only so much memory available.

I can’t explain it any other way, sorry.

Lol, you know what’s funny? They still haven’t fixed the MK4 Supra shifting. There’s still no shifting animation for that car.

But don’t some of these props already exist in the freeroam map? Take the neon containers and vegetation for example. They exists in the map, and the eventlab menu. So why exactly does it add even more if it is just a copy of the map’s terrain and environment?

I can only guess at that, it’s one for the devs to answer (which I guarantee they won’t). It seems that there’s a big difference with what’s in the environment already, and what is being added by an EventLab. Maybe they simply can’t do it that way.