Please I want the Premium Crown :(

I wish I bought the premium edition but instead bought the regular pack with the dlcs separately and didnt get the crown exclusive which I didnt know about. Is there any chance I can talk with about this? The support team I sent a ticket too just marked it solved… I also understand that the team is probably working on more important stuff such as the game breaking issues they have been having. Please if somebody from staff can notify me about this. I would appreciate it. I just want that premium crown as I love this game! I wanted the premium crown not the regular VIP crown :frowning:

Thank you,


The crown comes with the VIP pack. If you bought that then you should already have it.

I have the regular vip crown but not the premium edition one. This is what I am fighting for. I don’t want to spend another 100 bucks just for the crown…

You don’t get what you didn’t pay for. This is an absolutely idiotic thread.

One in the world are you even taking about?
The premium add-ons bundle and premium edition of Forza just includes the same DLC packs you bought.

There is only one crown for all of them.

You are incorrect sir. There is a regular vip crown and there is a premium edition crown. I just want to be able to get the premium crown that I was unaware of.

No there are two.

Did you buy the VIP pack? The thing is, I have the premium edition, but I don’t have the crown most of the time. There was a similar problem in FH4 too

I’m on PC but find that the crown only appears after I sign in to the XB app through Clubs.

[Mod edit - WSD - Profanity and alluding to profanity is against the Tos] I hope they can add the premium crown to my account. :frowning:

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Same as FH4. It’s an artificial limitation that Playground Games came up with, which previous Forzas, both Motorsport and Horizon, never had. An extra incentive to spend more by giving the Premium version of VIP extra ‘value’. I hate this mentality personally and it’s no better than the lootbox scandal which Turn 10 had to issue a grovelling apology for, but that’s modern gaming for you.

You can see it works because the OP is so upset he didn’t get the better VIP symbol.

It has the opposite effect too though. I didn’t buy the VIP for FH4 because the devs were essentially saying I’m a second class VIP if I buy it separately, so I kept my money instead.

Wait till the OP finds out you can pay for Ultimate/Premium and still get the regular crown due to the server not recognizing which version you have. It’s also the absolute lowest priority for support.

Well I hope the devs can see this post and do something about it :frowning: Thank you guys for your input. All I want is that premium edition crown.

Please staff if there is anything you can do about this…