My FH2 game is messed up! Me and my friend were playing in a online match and saw people with 999 lv and decided to do it ourselves. Then I started playing and made a HUGE mistake on doing it. I tried deleting everything (saved game marketplace data, the update and the game itself) and my level is still there. I can’t change it back to lv.1 in anyway. I believe the level is stored on a online storage unit so that is why I am still a lv. 999. PLEASE HELP!!!

If you are already lvl 999 which is the Max level, why would you want to reset it? I played the hell out of that game and didn’t get near that level, takes months. I don’t think you can reset your level you would need another xbox live profile

There is a hack/mod you can do and the second I did it I knew I f*cked up. The game is not that much fun anymore because you can’t level up.


True 100%!!! That’s why I contacted Turn 10 studios. Still waiting for a reply.

They are not going to help you if you hacked/modded the game lol, Your only option is to create a new xbox live profile if you want to start from level 1. I would not expect a response from Turn 10. Hacking/Modding the game is against the terms of service, it doesn’t matter if it is fun for you or not.