After getting a refund during early-access, I decided to give the game another chance. I was glad to notice performance issues have been slightly polished, but the game after a while has become unplayable again. Problems that I am experiencing:

-Game gets stuck on saving. ALWAYS during tuning, painting or customizing.
-Game crashes in the last laps of a race. This has been happening a lot more frequently and it’s destroying the game experience for me, as I don’t have a lot of time to play. This is my biggest problem and really need a solution. I wasted the whole morning of my only day off trying to finish ONE race.
-Core 1 on my GPU is being pushed nearly 100%, while other Cores are almost, if not completely inactive.
-A.I cars have been appearing matte gray a lot lately.
-A.I cars liveries have never shown in my game. Option is On.

PC Specs:

i5 6600k @ 4.2
GTX 1070
20Gb DDR4
Playing in mixed High @ 1080p Shouldn’t even be pushing my system beyond its limits.

All apps are closed. No monitoring, overclocking or screen cap programs are open. Windows Game Mode is OFF.

Powersettings :
Turn off “Game DVR” - “Game Bar” in Windows Game Settings.
In Windows Control Panel - Power Options - High Performance Plan
In Nvidia Control Panel - Power Management Mode - Prefer Maximum Performance

You can try a Windows10 clean boot

Besides this, there is not much you can do. Assuming you have no weird background program or some bad driver that causes crashes.

There is a memory leak in the game, so anything cosmetic with cars, or tuning with cars cause the game to crash eventually.
What you can try is to tune cars, or do cosmetics, when you are done (praying that it didn’t crash already). close the game, restart it, and start racing (so the memory is still clean), maybe that way the “saving” works better too.

Thank you. This helped a bit. Managed to finish a championship. I did have a few crashes, but they happened after it.

On a side note; I decided to plug my G920 and it seems that the CTD’s happen a lot more frequently. I am not 100% sure, but it might be caused by the Logitech software running in the background. Just in case, I hope T10 can look into this too. I plugged my Xbox controller again and it stopped the CTD’s for a while.

You could try disabling USB suspend for game-controllers in Windows, maybe that will solve it.
And of course using latest drivers for the G920 but that speaks for itself.

There are options in Device-Manager to turn off “allow the computer to turn off this device to save power” for USB hubs and such.
Check these categories in Windows Device-Manager “Human Interface Devices” and “Universal Serial Bus Controllers”

Also in Control-Panel - Power-Options - Advanced Power Options - there is a option called “usb selective suspend setting” (should be disabled)