PLEASE HELP!! Trying to get a working racing wheel/pedals setup

I am trying to find any racing wheel/pedals(with CLUTCH) and shifter knob that all work together in Forza 5 on my Xbox One. I do not really know anything about the different types of wheels, pedals and whatnot, all I know is the logitech g27 and g25 don’t work for the xbox one. Is there any combination of Wheels/Pedals with CLUTCH and shifter knob that work for the xbox one?


thrustmaster tx with the 3 pedal t3pa pedal set cover everything except a shifter. thats about 400 for the wheel and 100 for the pedals. not aware of a shifter but have seen a pic of one saying “comming soon” with no actual date or time frame other than the elusive “soon” which can mean just about anything.

there is an adapter that lets you use other devices on the one even fanatec, but it kills any force feed back and you have to calibrate everything on the pc. you cant just plug it in and it work, you have to program it first.