Please help this newbie

First and foremost, not only am I new to Forza but I am new to racing games altogether. I’ve been going onto forums and searching sites to learn tips and tricks. I came across a forum just recently that eluded to the fact that if you bump other cars you can get banned. Man this is news to me and I am guilty of hitting other cars and also of getting hit (even spun out) by other cars. Right now I am only playing career mode and free play. I was under the impression that in career mode you drive against AI called drivatars. Are these AI players or actual players because I do see names above their cars. If I hit a drivatar can I get banned or what game modes do I need to focus on driving “clean” ?


In Career and Free Play you are driving against AI. Drivatars are an AI that is supposed to represent/simulate the styles of other players of the game so you don’t have just the plain “stick to the race line at all cost” type AI. You cannot get banned for bumping or even totally smashing into the AI in Career and Free Play.

Multiplayer is where they are trying to have consequence for poor, dirty driving.

You’ll only have a problem bumping into people when you’re multiplaying online with a bunch of other live players. Even then you have to be caught deliberately crashing into others. If you accidentally bump into another player you’ll be fine - it’s a competition so you have to expect there to be a bit of contact between cars.

Some stupid players think it’s funny to wreck the game for others by deliberately crashing into them and these are the ones who will be caught. Other players will report unsportsman like behavior to the developers who will then examine the video evidence of the behavior and make a decision on whether or not to ban them.

All you have to do when you’re online with others is to be a fair and honest player.

Hit the drivatars all you want. Sometimes it is a good way to relieve frustration. The drivatars can be annoying at times. Last night in free play I was behind a drivatar coming out of a corner and the drivatar hit the brakes for no reason I can think of. I plowed right into the back of him. These things happen with them.

However, don’t go intentionally hitting drivers online, even if they are driving like jerks. That is a sure way to make enemies and get banned. If you see someone intentionally ramming people report him.

If you new forget online racing, play career first and get used to driving your car on different courses/weather by then, you should be better, as if you jump straight online and crash, you could be classed as a wreaker and person etc could report you for crashing into cars then ban prob happen, it’s just not worth it while you learning how each car handles etc.

Driving against the Drivatars like you would against real people is decent practice if you plan to go online. They’re not as chaotic, but if you can get through a race without much contact that’s a good start.