Please help me

Is there a search option on the track in multiplayer?

Can I change assists iside online room ?

Best greetings

To change your assist while in a multiplayer lobby, highlight your name, press A and select the Assist option.

I’m not sure I understand what you mean by a search option in multiplayer.

Thanks bro , but I want to know how to choose a specific circuit in multiplayer?

You unfortunately can’t for public hoppers, the best you can do is stay in one room hoping the track you want eventually comes up for a vote and wins.

What you’ll generally find is that particular tracks will come up for vote over and over (despite never getting many votes) and more than half the time random will win. Furthermore random is not even close to being true random as the same tracks which nobody wanted will typically be the selected “random” track.

I’ve raced on nurburg wet/night, silverstone wet and bernese alps more than enough to last a life time - and thats just this week alone. I can count on one hand the number of races i’ve done on bathurst and laguna combined over the past couple weeks.

Good luck waiting for the track you want to come up, you’re going to need it :wink:

UP … How can I search the rooms are with multiplayer without random access??

We don’t get that kind of freedom anymore.

Were there ever any public hoppers/lobbies that only had 1 track option that was locked?