Please help me identify some decals (BP Falken RX-7)

hey im trying to recreate the BP Falken Mazda RX7 from D1GP that appears in gran turismo series. i managed to figure out most of the decals except for these 3 decals thats on the door. and the one directly under cusco decal. if some1 knowws what they are please dont hesitate and let me know.

Hi, this could help you :

seen it. decals all wrong.
got every decal but the ones i mentioned

I’m sure he appreciates your trying to help him out, griotte88 …

i am. just saying that the decals were not the ones that were on the actual car.

Might be the creator’s choice to add decals which are not on the actual, IRL car. I do it all. The. Time. I like a lot of decals on my designs, though I’ve done a lot to remove conflicting decals. Hell, some IRL designs I base mine off of have conflicting sponsor decals. Look at the ESSO Lancia S4. It’s got both Yokohama and Michelin tire logos. Why? I don’t know for certain. Maybe mullet style, Michs up front and Yokos on the back. My rendition of it matches the IRL livery with both decals.

If you have GIMP or Photoshop, try adjusting the contrast or color balances. Either that, or invert the colors. Sometimes that makes it easier to pick out details, especially when the decals’ color doesn’t contrast well with the color of the car itself. Looking around Google images for “bp rx7”, there aren’t a whole lot of large images to work with. Most of them are trash quality/clarity and low res (< 650px). Might just have to make due with what you can pick out and fill the rest in with whatever you wish, similar looking decals and what not. You won’t be alone in that regard. I’ve had a difficult time finding decent images of old rally cars how the looked back when they actually raced in the period they did. Most cameras in those days don’t hold a candle to what most people have access to today. Kind of had to just make assumptions on what the blurs were.

Mixed sponsors can occur IRL when there are championship sponsors (or even event sponsors) differing from the direct sponsors of the vehicle.

Ah, interesting. I had some dude trashing my GT40 design because it has Michelin as a sponsor. Thought he might have been onto something. Thanks for the clarification.