PLEASE HELP: Koenigsegg One:1 tune

I got the 0-60 to 1.5 sec but the top speed is only 238 mph.

hi you want to build the one one for top speed ?

There are several things that can affect both acceleration and top speeds. The most obvious is changing out your gearing. For optimizing both acceleration and your top speed, you must change both the final drive, and each individual drive in order to get the best of both worlds.

Rim size, tire pressure, and tire compound can also effect these. A larger rim size will add weight, but will change the tire depth, providing more tire to the pavement as it is not rounded as much as a smaller tire. Tire pressure will give the vehicle more grip when your tires are around 32 PSI overall. Note, for drag racing, some people have seen better results with an under inflated tire do to their being more rubber on the ground. Lastly, tire compound gives the tires more grip and causes less tire spin. The best tire compound can be identified by the goal you are trying to achieve. Whether you are shooting for a certain class range, or index modifier to unrestricted.

Your vehicle’s suspension is also another key factor as the softness or stiffness of your vehicle can change the way it drives and handles both under acceleration and deceleration.

Lastly, the differential. Changes made to these settings can easily change the amount of power being planted down by locking the axle at a percentage.