Please help, I only want FH2 (Xbox One) for offline play.

I had the game for the 360 and I loved it. But I also hated it because of how buggy and unfinished it was. Mainly the constant crashing, freezing and the fact that all cars’ engines sounded uneven. Some cars were almost mute. And there is no option to change the sound options. I threw it away. But now that my 360 is dead, I want the Xbox One. I have put a lot of time researching about the bugs present even in this version and apparently the bugs only appear if I sync the game, I play online, use the october preview thing, leave the xbox with instant on and not closing any previous apps and maybe some updates? I dont like playing online for many reasons and I honestly dont care. So if I do not install or do any of these things and never play FH2 online, will I never encounter any of those annoying bugs that cripple FH2?

Never had any game crippling bugs…what are these bugs that you speak of. FH2 on XBOX One should not really be compared to the version on XBOX 360 as they were developed by different developers.

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- YouTube that is XOne. Same thing happened a lot on X360.

lol, i stand corrected…never seen anything like it …

I also read that only a small percent had these problems. If you do enough research you will find articles talking about these problems. I just want to be extra sure that I will buy a perfectly functional game and not waste money like I did with the X360 version. Im just being extra cautious.

I’ve never seen any of those bugs in my hundreds of hours.

I’m sure you’ll be fine, as long as you don’t spill coffee on the console or something.

Bugs are something you will get with every game, and if you go this far out of your way to avoid them you will not have a pleasant time finding games to play. Sorry, but that is just the way it is.

And if your research counts as reading the comments on that youtube link, youtube comments are unreliable as heck and you probably won’t get any good solutions out of them.

The game runs fine. And yes, you need to download the patches.

Nope, my research was pages and pages of google searches. And I have never been this overly conscious about games since X360’s FH2, which is garbage. I bought it without knowing of that version’s issues and I was extremely disappointed because I loved what little gameplay it gave. And when I say I love something, it’s because i LOVE it. But despite uninstalling, reinstalling, not installing, updating, deleting the updates and the cache and so on, it was unplayable. Sure I could do the first races but after that, it started again. I got tired and frustrated, so I gave up. So now that my X360 finally died, I am REALLY considering buying this version but I needed to be 110% sure that this game is completely functional. So far, it’s been positive.

Yah, I understand. But both versions were made by different developers. Bugs on the xbox 1 version have never really been a defining thing about the game for me so I am confident that you will have a blast on it. I bought a Xbox One just for this game and one other and am yet to regret my decision.

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Thanks, you have been very helpful.