PLEASE HELP! Accidentally removed previous owner's setup on my brand new car!

Hi everyone, I just jumped into the game today and won my first auction on an amazing X-Class car (I can’t recall the name of it right now). I was looking to change the paint job and accidentally removed the previous owner’s setup (which I thought would just remove the paint job) and brought my brand new X-Class car all the way down to S1). If anyone knows how to revert to the previous owner’s setup without having to repurchase what I had accidentally removed, please help!

The “tune settings” is gone forever unless the person who tuned it has the tune shared on their Creative HUB. You can get all the upgrade parts back but you’ll have to do it one by one. Just go into the upgrade shop and go through the options one by one and you’ll see “Owned” parts that were previously on the car.

You can get the parts back but not the tune pretty much. Hope it helps.

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Great, thank you!

Check that cars history and see owners, once you’ve found the gamertag, check their creative hub if they have shared the tune for that car.

go to My Cars, find the car, Press A or Enter, press Check History, see owners list.