Please have the correct sound sample for the Aventador

Dear Developers,

Your game is fantastic - some of the car notes are pretty accurate and really add to the immersion.

There are many cars in the game that do not sound like their actual counterparts - for now, I’d just like to highlight the Aventadors. They sound more like a V12 Murceilago or Reventon. Can we please have that signature Aventador sound in an update? It was done well in FM6 and particularly FH3.

There are others too like the Zonda R, the Maserati GTS or the Aston One-77, but for now I’d just like to highlight the Aventador. It has been a favorite of mine ever since it was introduced in FM4. I’m sure others can chime in. Either way, I hope it’s a high priority in a future update!


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Please continue to use the separate Wish List threads pinned in the FM7 discussion forum.

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