Please Have A System Update With A Snapless Media Player For Background Music In Time for Forza 6!

I know it’s not really Turn 10’s role to implement this, but they’re still owned by Microsoft and have a responsibility to their fans to make the Xbox development team aware of this problem. In racing games especially, I love playing my music. With the Xbox 360 it was perfect, I could play any song I wanted and adjust the volume easily so I could still hear the awesome engine sounds as well with all the Forzas. With the “Next Gen” system, it’s gone. Unless you snap the media player, and then you get a much smaller play screen.

Turn 10, please push for Microsoft to finally implement a background media player! There’s 8 gb of DDR3 Ram in there, there’s absolutely no reason why we can’t have this if the ancient 512 mb RAM on the 360 could!!! If that’s not possible (and I couldn’t fathom why) then let us import custom music in the game like Gran Turismo 5 and 6 does. But Gran Turismo 5 and 6 did it because the PS3 couldn’t have a background media player because of RAM limitations (the 512 mb on the 360 was shared between the video card and processor which was better than the seperate 256mb dedicated RAM for the video card 256mb Ram for the processor that the PS3 had). The ancient 360 has a background media player, the PS4 has a background media player, even Steam on PC now has a background media player so you don’t have to ALT TAB out of the game, there’s absolutely no excuse why the Xbox One can’t, especially since it’s claiming to be an all-in-one entertainment system!

Sorry for my rant but it’s been a year and a half and there’s still no word when this feature is coming, or if it’s coming!

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The Xbox One Media Player is in work and those of us in the Preview Program are beta testing it. Currently, there is a lot to be desired in its functionality, but it is getting improved incrementally. The most recent update for the app made the player capable of streaming files from a network device (e.g. a PC) via DLNA.

In short: Turn 10 Studios has absolutely no hand in developing and implementing the Media Player app.


You can now play any music you have stored on your OneDrive here is a link that will explain better

This is no different then playing my music with the media player from a USB. I still can’t play my games without having the ugly snapped app talking up a good portion of the screen.

Then just attach a speaker to a cheap mp3 player by your tv or where you sit and play whatever music you want on it simples.

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It’s not the same. The music sounds more natural when it’s integrated with the gameplay, coming from the same speakers. If the ancient 360 had it, there’s no reason why the One can’t.

And, once again, it does exist with the Xbox One. The feature is currently only available to Preview Program members and for beta testing is something that is completely out of the hands of Turn 10 Studios. The reason why this feature wasn’t immediately available is seemingly clear: Xbox Music is a service Microsoft was trying to push.

Alright, this might make some laugh but it is totally serious. Try out Euro Truck Simulator 2. The radio stations are actual real internet streaming radio stations. I thought that was fantastic. Assuming a lot here but, if they had a partner for it like iheartradio that would cut licensing costs big time by not having to include a soundtrack. Or even just a setting in the options menu to point to a DLNA server/device.