Please have a fully silent radio with skill songs

I don’t know how many hundreds of hours I have on this game. So the songs, well I am sooo tired of them. However I still need skill points all the time. I have the radio on 1, but it isn’t low enough fo rme to play my own music, they clash. Please let us have a level 0 radio volume but allow skill songs to play.

Actually this will be a neat addition. To be able to play your own custom songs when the skill song is playing. Im also a bit tired of the same songs over and over again, but well, its forza horizon 4. We cant have good things.

Just keep the radio off and when you want to grind for points turn it on and a skill song will be the next song that plays. A silent radio but one that also plays songs. Lol.

Wut? lol. We wish. I have the radio turned off most of the times and no dude, if you turn it on the next song is not a skill song… maybe you had luck but no lol. I know it for a fact :stuck_out_tongue:

I promise you, the second you turn the radio on the next song that plays is a skill song. Not the one immediately playing. But the next one will be. It’s not luck when I do it specifically to grind points.

There might be some confusion tho, you have had to have not played for a little bit. So like say you go to bed, and the next day you get on, that’s when you can use the trick. Lol. Try it and lemme know! I’ll do it and see if I can pin point exactly how to trigger it but there’s definitely an algorithm.

Yeah would be nice. I have the radio volume down and tv volume off most of the time. The radio was unbearable after the first couple of days of playing the game even with turning off the DJs.

I don’t really use skill songs anyway though. I find that a 7x multiplier car with good perks like some of the Hoonigans or the M6 FE is enough. Although I think this is largely a result of how repetitive the radio is.