Please give rotary engines a little more importance please.

Hello my name is Luis Candelario i am a big Forza Fan i love your games. How ever i notice one thing, Rotary engines don’t make a lot of power in your games. 1.3L engines are making 1,300 horse power in real life. The 20B engines 3 Rotors, are making 1,600-1700hp when fully built. I am a Rotary owner my self my car is making 480Hp on 16 pounds of boost. So please go over this i your games. Also i wish you guys could add the FC to your games. 86-91 2nd gen Rx-7 that is a bad ass car that i honestly think should be in your games. I hope some one sees this and make it happen at least as a DLC for Horizon 3. Thanks