Please Fix these 2 problems Free Roam Drag Racing

2 problems with drag racing on horizon when you line up with someone at the tree and you both take off at the same time you cannot tell who won the race between you and your opponent because on your screen you won and on their screen they won so you have to get a 3rd person to watch the race in their drone and they see something totally different distance wise between the 2 racers please fix this issue it was an issue in horizon 3 right after you patched the drift tap glitch and it seem to have carried over to horizon 4 please fix this

2nd problem is the cars need more horsepower the Mustangs corvettes chargers and challengers Lamborghis r8 gtr should atleast be able to push 12 to 1300 hp without the need of an engine swap please add more hp to the stock engine in these cars they are more than capable in real life especially with the upgrades offered in the game of rebuilding the top and bottom end of the engine also I ask to make it easier to change the weather and make it static for perfect drag conditions it’s a pain have to constantly change your gears to suit the constant weather changes


There is a drag race event
Maybe you havent played enough to open it yet