Please fix the VIP stuff

nough said, can’t be so difficult can it!?

Which VIP stuff doesn’t work now? I see double FP starting to work (81 points… not sure why 81). I have no clue about double credits as they removed the ability to tell unless you directly compared with someone not in VIP. What other things do you get for VIP?

Normal weekly is 80 points
80 x 2 ≠ 81 :slight_smile:

So basically ALL of the VIP stuff doesn’t work…

I received all of the above bonuses.
However are you sure for the 81 pts being normal reward for the nissan challenge ?
Because i’m pretty sure it’s 40 pts for non-vip :o !

I received most of them. That does not mean it isn’t a bug that bothers a lot of players.

Pretty sure!? Based on what!?

The Twitter preview shows no VIP crown and 80 points.
VIPs currently get 81 points so that suggests the bonus is exactly 1 point now.
besides if you multiply an integer by 2 that number is always even… So there is a bug there.

I am double-checking with a non-VIP friend. But I am pretty sure the normal dailies are 10 and Vip should be 20…

So maybe you did NOT get everything. Also you have no clue if you get double race rewards if you cannot check with someone doing the same race.

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You guys should really relax ^^.
There was no agressivity on my message, i just said it worked for me (not saying it did for everyone, just that it seems not to concern every player).
The second part again, i said “pretty” sure which means “i’m almost sure”, which implied not totally and that i could be wrong about the 80pts.
Seriously, calm yourself, this is a game, it’s like you’re betting real money on it.

It is not about aggression at all. I didn’t mean to come off as aggressive either. I am sorry if I did.
I was just completely baffled at how you came to your completely unfounded conclusions, all of which were wrong.
Also, I realise you didn’t mean this, but everything about your post implied that people were exaggerating the bugs.
And no, no-one is going to die of hunger because of this. But there is no end to that kind of logic.
This forum is partly used for people sharing and discussing Forza Horizon and the bugs that arise in the game.

Don’t worry ^^ !
Now you tell me the 80pts is the normal reward, i’m going to complain as well xD !
Got almost 400Fp, so this could have been 800 in the end lol…

How are you seeing your fp total amount? Im a vip and not getting anything it says im suppose to. About to demand a refund. Tbis the 3rd forza title that has been broken since day one. Pretty sure these clowns had the longest development time for FH5 that none of these things should be and issue. $100 for a game that was half-a$$ed yet again.

You can check your FP amount in the pause menu. Go to “My Horizon”, and then “My Stats”. Its listed in there, you just have to scroll down a bit.

good for you then, well I didn’t so it doesn’t work for all and obviousely it’s part broken, when it doesn’t work for all! I paid for it like you did so I guess it’s legit for me to ask for what I paid…

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You get x2 forzathon points (the currency you use in the forzathon shop)

After 7 Days I’am very angry now that VIP still not work to douple the Forzathon-Points! And YES i have the House La Casa Solariega buy and set to my active Home!

I have Paid for it!

So i hope and will that PGG/Turn10 give me the Missing FP and douple my actual FP in my Account.

I just checked with a friend.

Non-VIP rewards are:

80 FP for the weekly challenge
10 FP for each daily challenge

VIP is definitely not getting double, but we are getting 1 whole point more for the weekly!!!


Didn’t get any VIP stuff either.