PLEASE fix the rolling start!!!!!

The rolling start for Forza 7 is something I would expect in a beta version or early access. There’s two things that would make a huge difference if addressed in a patch , or forza 8.

Start the cars on the middle of the track. So many times I go for a rolling start on nurburgring and for whatever reason, it starts me on the left curb and I lose traction. Sometimes I restart the race and it loads me in a different spot. I know there’s a lot of cars in this game, but this needs to be fixed.

The next thing that drives me absolutely insane is the fact that the rolling start is already so close to the finish. This means I can’t pick up enough speed during the rolling start before I cross the finish line, and my second lap is always faster than my first. I don’t know why Forza does this, but it’s the only motorsports game I own where the the second lap is faster than the first after a rolling start. Just place the rolling start back further so the player can pick up enough speed not to have to lap twice to get a lap time. <~ Stuff like this makes it obvious the people who make Forza are not actually motorsports fans. You can’t be a motorsports fan and not understand why this is absurd. At least hire somebody who knows some of these things.

These are the things I think about before I launch a motorsports game. Do I want to play Forza 7, where I’m going to waste an enormous amount of time lapping every circuit twice to get a lap time, and a menu’s that demands I end every race just to restart one… Or do I want to play basically any other motorsports game that doesn’t require me to do all of this nonsense?? I’m not trying to be rude, but I’m just trying to give some insight as to what goes on in the heads of people who play these games. I really can’t imagine buying Forza 8 unless some of this stuff is addressed because there’s just too much competition out there, and problems like this (i thought) were solved 10 years ago.

LOL, if your just looking for lap times, just stop and turn around at the start, drive the course in reverse far enough that you feel you can be at top speed when you reach the starting line. This will let you do 1 fast lap… simple enough

Yeah… or they can make the game like professionals. I’m not “just looking for laptimes”. That’s one of many things I do in this game, and I’m tired of wasting absurd amounts of time with obstacles that should have been trimmed out in development. I’m not going to waste even more time driving around circuits backwards just to get the appropriate rolling start. Thanks but no thanks. There’s a reason why this isn’t a problem in any of the other motorsports titles. There’s enough “time wasting” obstacles in this game as it is.

I’m still trying to figure out the purpose of the rolling start if not to position you for a hotlap. It surely isn’t to avoid a pile up with the AI cars, as that’s unavoidable in this game even with a rolling start. They should market Forza motorsports as a bumper-car simulator on top of the original marketing. It does bumper-cars better than anything else on the market, that’s for sure. At least they could claim to be the best at something for a change.

This as to be one of the dumbest points made in an extensive way I’ve read!

A rolling start, in fact any start to any race bears no weight whatsoever to lap times!!! Its to start the RACE! It prevents stalling or cars causing problems on the immediate launch.

Why would anyone care what their first lap laptime is in a race!? I can almost guarantee in any race professional or not, that any lap records have been set on a 1st lap rolling race!!!

Honestly sometimes I think people just troll or are affiliated with another platform/title based on the comments I read sometimes!


Rolling starts are to mimic motorsport in the US. If you watch a race, the second lap is always quicker because they do the rolling start at pace car speeds. Depending on the series, anywhere between 50 to 80 mph. A rolling start is not intended for a hot lap on your first lap. No series I know of lets the cars come down at race speeds on a rolling start or restart for that matter. The only one that is close to full speed is Formula 1 because the cars lay back as to get a the best possible just on the car behind them. They also allow passing before the start/finish line on restarts.


Then go play other games.

How do you expect the first lap to be faster with cold tires and all the carnage in the first corner? lol

The biggest problem with rolling start is that I have no idea what gear the car is in when the race starts. That and the engine always over-revs right when the race begins until I touch the accelerator for some reason. I overlooked these in FM6 because I figured it was a new feature and they were working out the kinks, but the fact that these problems still persist in a new entry to the franchise is absurd.

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yeah it would be nice if it started you off in 2nd gear for the rolling starts!!

This never bothered me. I didn’t think it could bother anyone. First lap = slow lap.

I mostly play Forza Motorsport for time attack and the OP has a point, especially if you’ve ever been on the Nordschleife. First of all, we all know the start and finish lines on the Nordschleife are not the same in real life, something Turn 10 has never updated but that’s a subject for another day. Secondly, it’s a long, long racetrack, when your rolling start is litterally inches away from the start line, your first lap is a waste, a risky waste at that. Doesn’t spare you from a mistake in the latter part of the track then your next lap is “dirty” and that makes for a frustrating experience.

For Time Attack purposes, a proper rolling start is one that allows you to attack the last corner at max speed to be in the best situation for the next lap.

I have no problems with the rolling start applied to races even though the T.A system would be fine by me.

The start/finish lines are different on MOST top-level racing non-oval tracks in real life, usually to allow the whole grid to form up on to the main straight but still have the finish/lap line before the first pit garage (and in line with race-control). As far as I can remember Forza has NEVER simulated this on any track, most likely because having the lap-start and lap-finish timing triggers at different points would screw with lap leaderboards (since a rolling-start at somewhere like Le Mans or Nordschleife is almost the same as a flyer, but the lap will be shorter due to the offset in start/finish lines)

The biggest issue I have with the rolling starts in the game is the mystery as to why your tires are still ice-cold when you begin.

Because you’ve just done a lap crawling behind a pace car