Please fix race saving.

I’m on an Xbox One X, with the latest stable updates, same for FM7.

It used to be I would come here to vent about rammers, but after many months, I finally came across a Marshal. We made a deal, if I would record the ramming instances, he would review them and pass them on if he agree it is ramming. Great!

Unfortunately, of the two a week I submit, He usually on looks at about one out of four. Not great, but still at least some avenue to submit problems.

But since the last update, I have had a few movies fail to download, with no time to retry. Or it down load successfully, but is corrupted and can’t be viewed. Or one this morning, full of rammers, but they are invisible on the view (you just see cars getting knocked around by invisible forces).

I am ecstatic I finally have a way to turn in rammers, but it would be great if the underlying required mechanism (saving races to share with the Marshal) would actually work.