Please Don't make me play on a keyboard!!!

Just got this game yesterday. So far no major issues except for the controller. I am running this game on my desktop with a X-Box 360 controller hooked up via USB. The problem I’m having is steering the car. I want to use the Left joystick to steer, like everyone does, so I set it to that on the controls, and put looking around on the right joystick. I saved it in the controller settings, and when i go back into the game, when I try to steer, it just looks around, and when I use the right joystick to look around, it glitches out. I tried everything by making new controller profiles, and by turning mouse looking off in the settings, but nothings seems to work. I tried out all of the default controller settings and buttons, but it still doesn’t work. Even the gas and the brakes don’t work sometimes. My controller works, because I play GTA 5 and Dirt 4 with it perfectly, I just think there is something messed up with the settings but i cant figure it out. Please help and thank you!