Please devs, get rid of the visual bugs/anomalies, wierd camera placement etc

I really love this game. Been a long-time fan and will continue to buy your superb products T10.

However, I feel not enough testing was done on FM6 before rolling it out.

There are visual bugs on some cars - the old school silvery Jag race car has the fuel lid on top open during races. Sometimes this goes away after a hard reset, but comes back again.

The other day, this wierd black glitch started appearing on top of my car; from a distance it looked like goat’s horns, but after zooming in, it appeared as if the driver’s seat bealt was sitting on the roof! Hard reset fixed that, haven’t had it since.

The 1930s Audi race car has it’s wheels turning barely 20 degrees when you’re at a dead stop, going to full wheel lock. Funny thing is the car’s turn radius is normal as if it has its wheels turned all the way, but physically you don’t see them going to full lock.

The MP4-12C race car has a really strange hood cam view, where it is high and points down on the road, so you barely see 20% of the horizon and all road in front of you, as if the camera’s mounted on a stand and deliberately aiming down more than it should.

The Supra’s wheel housings look funny after body kit upgrades - the edges are not even. It’s as if someone sliced that piece off with an electric saw. Known bug since FM3 I believe.

The 2013 Audi R8 has the cockpit view so zoomed in, that not only is the side view mirror not visible, but the steering wheel is covering the speedo, so you can’t see your speed properly.

The Chevy Super Sport sedan has no paddle shift animation at all on downshifts.

Some cars do not have their headlights turning on in Forza Vista. Speaking of which, cars with flip open headlights do not come on at all during day races, and I also noticed the Esprit V8 has headlight beams that barely illuminate the road.

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Thank you for your feedback.

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