Please bring back forza motorsport 4's votekick system!

I’m not having fun in public lobbies and it looks like I’m not the only one. It’s over 1 month since the game came out and there are more crashers (individuals and organized groups) than ever before.
Players with police Dodge Ram, Jeep, Lambo Urus, Limousines, muscle cars, even the little Bac Mono…

The report option on xbox live seems to be ineffective (I keep seeing the very same players in FM6 lobbies). I think T10/MS take action against crashers only if you save a replay and send the info to them.

In FM4 you could SEE on your screen if there was a votekick going on in the lobby.
Why was this system removed in FM5 and FM6? Because people abused it? Most of the time it was the crashers themselves who started the vote on innocent players, so that they could continue staying in the lobby (impossible to have more than one votekick active). The simple solution? Allow multiple votekicks visible on the screen.

In FM5 there was nothing on screen, nobody was ever kicked from a lobby and most of the times the game crashed if you voted (known bug)!!!
In FM6 there is nothing on screen and nobody gets kicked. Ever.

I think many Forza players don’t even know that there’s an option to expel problematic players form lobbies.

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