Please ban the racing trucks from A class Breakout hopper

2nd day in a row 2-3 people in racing trucks just taking people out. Why are they allowed??? Only one reason to take that. Think Turn 10!!!

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…and of course, add the Limo to that list.

Wishful thinking (this point is nothing new and will fall on deaf ears).

need to holler for a Marshall :slight_smile:

I thought about it lol

The cars people use are not the problem, it’s the behaviour of the players themselves.

Side note, maybe you should apply to become a Marshal so that you can tackle the issue head-on :wink:


I totally agree. If a certain type of vehicle is banned, these people will find another vehicle to get their job done.

Don’t punish everyone for the actions of some by banning vehicles.

The limo is just fun to race. The best cars for taking people out in an entertaining fashion are low wedges that allow you to get under people and potentially send them flying.

I just think the percentage of clean racers using such vehicles is way way lower than the dirty percentage. I’m not for banning vehicles generally but the Limo and Truck can be abused by wreckers in a bad way. We’ve all seen it. I’m all for like a crazy car lobby or something. It would give them somewhere else to go as well as A class. I have seen clean Limo racers here and there but have never seen someone racing the trucks clean in A Breakout. I’m sure they are out there but few and far between. I don’t know maybe the privilege to drive them should be earned somehow. At least GT Sport makes sure you know what brakes are for and everything else before it lets you race online lol and penalties for acting a fool.