Please add the ability to gift a car to freind

My freind was going to give me a 590xx evo and we coordinated the auction time and still I still couldn’t get it in time, then he try to give me the second 590xx evo that he has, still I couldn’t get it in time (it’s like 3 secounds and then it’s gone). This happens on the third time as well.

And this is not the only time that we got YEET someone that I know gaveaway the 10 civic 18 (It’s facebook group giveaway and also coordinated the auction time) the result is 4 of them went to the same guy 3 went to the other guy and we didn’t even know those 2 before ,in the end only 1 guy in our group got the civic from 30 ppl waiting for the giveaway. So please man add the gift function. There’re someone with god speed com internet etc etc or maybe even using 3rd party program. And It suck.

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