Please, add an option for Km/h with Hp please!

I am from Europe, where almost all countries use Km/h for velocity. But not all of the countries use Kw! Some of us use Hp, and it is very frustating that, if i want km/h i have to deal with Kw, but if i want Hp, i have to deal with Mp/h… I don’t think it is a very dificult thing to add, and i think a lot of people would apreciate this :slight_smile: Please add this. Thanks.


Actually I would like option that allow us to choose

  • PSI/kPa/Bar
  • C or F
  • Km/h or Mph
  • Kw or HP
  • Metric or Imperial
    Lbps or Kgs

and this should not be related to Metric vs Imperial


Everybody is asking for this feature for YEARS in every racing game in history. Why is so difficult for them to add more options. More than 90% of people who uses Km/h uses HP too. I can’t understand why we can’t choose our measurement units freely.

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US company makes game… so let s be imperial all the way :slight_smile:

Hope one dev is there to answer

Here few tips

Kw * 1.341 = HP

PSI / 14.504 = BAR
PSI * 6.895 = kPA

(°F − 32) × 5/9 = °C

mph * 1.609 = km/h or kph

m * 1.609 = km
ft / 3.281 = m

lbps / 2.205 = kg