Playing with FM4 AI

I’ve been able to play against FM4 AI a few times. Here’s the problem: I ONLY play in free play mode. I set my race up the way I want, against 3 bots. I always disconnect my Xbox from the internet before I boot the game up. I noticed the other night the other cars were the bots from FM4. They seem to behave better than the drivatars. A few nights later I booted my game up & played with the Xbox connected to the internet. (I forgot to disconnect first) The bots were drivatars this time. Now, even when I disconnect from the internet & turn the Xbox off & then back on (still disconnected from the net) I’m racing against drivatars again. Does anybody know how I was able to race against the FM4 AI? Is there a work around to play against just FM4 AI? And yes I know a lot of people say the drivatars are just gamertag names attached to regular AI, but I swear I think I see a difference. Not 100% sure, but it seems that way.