Playing the demo, Traffic ruins the game - Can it be turned off?

Or reduced? There is just way too much traffic, I can’t do anything without some dumb AI car in my way.

I was going to search more, but I can’t find a way to change the forum from dark background with light text to light back ground with dark text. And Dark w/ light text messes with my eyes so bad that within minutes it will trigger a migraine x.x So sorry if its been asked already.

I assume the demo is offline so when offline they add extra AI to fill in the world. If you played the game online there would be a lot less traffic around.

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Weird. I find it the opposite. I find there isn’t enough traffic to do some of the skill challenges. Drives me crazy. Too bad you weren’t playing a few months ago. When you switched from offline to online play all traffic would vanish completely.

I switch to offline for challenges like that. Near misses ‘o’ plenty.

I find that there’s hardly any traffic as well while playing in online mode
If i switch to solo mode then there is heaps
Is the demo solo mode only…that would explain it

Yeah, no multiplayer allowed in the demo.

If you want zero traffic for a few minutes, you can be in a forzathon live event when it begins and you’ll have none for the duration of the forzathon.

OR you can create a custom route, then when testing it don’t go through the last checkpoint.
The whole map is yours to do as you wish until that final checkpoint is triggered.
Obviously PR stunts etc wont be there, but you can do speed tests etc without traffic for as long as you wish.

They should implement a ‘special’ mode for players whining about the 2 or 3 traffic cars they always hit.
This game feels already soulless with the current amount of traffic.

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Absolutely, but every now and then it would be great to just turn it off and be all alone with your car and open roads without any traffic / witnesses.
Its one of the things that makes a country drive desirable IRL.

I loved the proper freeroam of FH3, this does feel empty - just the AI and the ghosts :frowning: