Playing Forza Horizon 4 with the Switch Pro Controller

Hello guys,

i tried GloSc and BetterJoyForCemu but both dont work. I tried to connect the game via Steam because Steam supports the Switch Controller. But even then it didnt work. I tried this with GTA 5 and i had no problems. I can use the Controller in the Menu in Forza but if i want to configurate it, the buttons of the controller dont get recognized. Is there anyone who can help me? And no, i dont want to purchase a xbox controller, im totally fine with my leightweight. :slight_smile:

i have a pro controller and or xbox one s controller the xbox controller perfectly fine you just need a few charge packs like a double set with charge dock…

both same joystick style unlike the ps i cant uze the ps dont like ps

and i dont like the series s controller it to heavy i uze the one s on the series s

On which platform? I play on PC and have always used a Logitech game controller for my Forza games. FH4 can be played nicely with the F310. Maybe $20 USD at most (Paid $15 for this one to test it out a while back). I prefer wired over wireless for better responsiveness and no downtime on recharging.

But, if you like wireless, I also use the F710 from the same company. Respectable uptime if you play a lot. Sturdy and feels good in the grip.

And, Forza games just plain cooperate well with anything Logitech.