Playgrounds has banned me I have been trying to understand why for 30 days, can someone help me?

Hi 1 month ago I was banned for 7 days by Forza Horizon 4, then I opened a ticket, in response they linked the page “Why was I banned?” and wrote that one of my designs had problems without specifying which design and which rule I violated.

I tried to get me to tell the specific reason for the ban for almost 20 days (without disrespect or use bad language) but what I received was deafening silence. to which I said that their autoban system had failed and in response I received that I could no longer access the ticket system (with another account I can access it, not mine) I tried to contact playgroung games via email I sent 7 messages no one replied or via twitter no one replied to turn10 no one replied finally microsoft who replied and told me they can’t do anything

does anyone have any idea how to get a simple answer to a simple question?

how do you expect someone to pay for the new game if they don’t get support?

Ps: my account has obviously been reactivated and nothing has changed all the designs are in place no one has gone offline no one has been deleted

Pps: sorry for my bad english

thanks to all those who will be interested in this story

I would like not to write here but to the support but the support does not respond and has blocked me

Forza enforcement details are not permitted to be posted here in order to protect everyone’s privacy. Your ban history can be checked with the link on the Why Was I Banned? article, which also links to the full Forza Enforcement Guidelines.