Playground/Turn10: Please don't Disneyfy the soundtrack when it's Horizon 5's time

I know it’s old news and this is going to sound really petty but I quit playing FH4 soon after the update that punched holes all through the soundtrack and even removed a few songs a couple years ago. Not as any kind of boycott or protest, you already got my money, and I know at the end of the day it’s just a racing game but it was pretty immersion breaking for a game whose premise is built around a music festival.

It was my understand that the change came from an in-house decision and wasn’t because of the ESRB (I could be wrong about that)

If you want to censor words to keep an E, or at worst, Teen rating I get it but censoring the word “die” in the chvrches song or completely removing the song Die Trying, or censoring the word “high” when it’s not even a drug reference is asinine.

You know you’ve gone too far when you make Kidz Bop sound like 2 Live Crew

I doubt they have the hands on this / company’s guidelines + they don’t read forum, only players do.

Recommended :
options / audio / streamer mode ON ( has to be set each game start)

  • whatever music service you wish like spotify …
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