Playground Games

I love participating in Playground Games no matter where the location; testing your skills against other players.

But I find nothing more annoying than starting a game with six or less players on your team and before the end of the first round the rest or most of your team members have pulled out because they are going to lose the first round; leaving you the only member on your team competing against six other players.

Why sign up for the game if your not prepared to see it through and support the rest of your team members who are relying on you.

Many times I’ve been on a team whom have stuck with it even after losing the first two rounds only to win the next three rounds and the game.

Maybe a change could be made preventing players from leaving until they have played at least three rounds

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The peculiar thing is that you are no longer required to win in order to satisfy the requirement and claim the prize. Only have to come in second place or greater…out of two teams. Pretty achievable.

So unless they are doing it just for their win/loss percentages, whatever, I don’t know. It’s equally frustrating for me but I do somewhat enjoy the challenge. I mean, King is nearly impossible, but it is fun in Zombie having everyone chase after you. And I take personal pride in being the solo defender and still being able to block flags.

I would prefer that the game take things like that into account. For instance, let the group with the fewer people run their event first, so the the team with the higher number just has to beat their time/score. It seems most often that the higher team goes first, so of course runs it’s full time, which then leads the other team to also use the full time in trying to beat it. It’s just less efficient that way and prolongs the game. Because really, what’s the point of a 1 on 6 zombie run having to go it’s full time?


Can’t agree more with this. Really don’t see a reason to leave the game that you need to finish 2nd (out of 2) to complete it. Your life will not be different if you lose in a video game in this case. And suggestion about game letting smaller team run first is great, since it really makes no sense.

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