Playground Games yo-yo programing

So I am wondering why playground games sabotaged the goliath race? I cannot do more than 2 laps before my car becomes undrivable. The steering, brakes, suspension, and the transmission all become “damaged” to the point that I have to abandon the race. Top speed goes from 250 mph down to 220 or less and I have not crashed into anything.
I know this happens if your first, but I tried it in last place and the same thing happened. What gives?

Are you actually playing with sim damage on? If so turn that off lol. If not then i have no idea what you are talking about because i regularly do 10 to 20 laps on goliath and never see a drop in performance. The sim damage in this game has always been broken so i’ve never used it.

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Ok. Maybe that is the problem. I will try again and maybe this solved it.