Playground Games seem to hear us...

As more as I am thinking about it, I highly belive that the guys behind Horizon really look into the complaints we have with FM6.
There are quite a lot of features coming up that we highly request to be in FM6 (AH, SF, more customizing, customizing races etc…)

I really have some hopes up that theses guys could nail it. But it still isn’t Motorsport and will eventually be a bit dumped down in physics etc, but other than that it seems they could actually bring some new hope into the series!
Keep on going!


Agreed. I’ve seen enough feature wise to solidify a purchase and I never thought I’d say that about Horizon.

Horizon 3 is number 1 on my game wish list!!!


Agreed. I just hope the new features are included in FM7.


IMO, PG did did H2 on the X-One better than FM6. It’s refined and thoroughly tested with practically no major bugs at all. As a product, its a more refined and complete one. I can’t wait to get it. Have you guys checked out the BMW and Lambo gameplay vids? Holy crap the car sounds have been improved!

You do realize Turn 10 oversee everything that Playground games do with the Horizon games right? Therefore it’s T10/Playground that have made the changes based off feedback from both FH2 and FM6 not just Playground games


That’s what I thought! Playground Games mainly works on the map and environment the. Work along side T10 with all the features and then T10 takes charge when it comes to the cars!!

I highly doubt that, as this wouldn’t make any sense at all. Why leave the improvements with a game you only coproduce and leave your 100% game behind?

Horizon 2 is worlds better than FM5 and still a better all around package as FM6. And now it seems that Horizon 3 could be a better Forza game than the original Forza Motorsport… T10 really needs to step up their game for FM7 and deliver a masterpiece…they need to!


Do you really think T10 would let the game release without their approval? Of course they oversee what’s going on. Sure Playground are making it but T10 are still the big boss and will have a final say before the game ships. Must say I highly disagree that FH2 is better then FM6. FM6 is the best forza title on this generation of consoles. The Horizon games aren’t proper racing titles (too much need for speed for me) but are a good way to test new features to alter implement into the Motorsport series


It would be awesome to hear from someone from T10 about this as I am genuinely interested to see who does what and how they work together especially considering they are from opposite sides of the earth.

Didn’t Dan the man say in the early stages of their partnership that they “hand over the reins and let playground do their thing”? T10 help with the assets, not the whole game


I belive with Forza Horizon (1) T10 delivered the car modells and general physics while the gamedesign was completely on PGs side. There sure are some restrictions by MS as well, but PG could basically work on their own game.

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I see it as a brilliant testing bed for the next Motorsport titles and future Horizon titles at that.

It’s great to see how these types of things will plan out during the two year course of the game and beyond. Especially since what was an old feature is new for the current generation of consoles and lets not forget PC as well. If everything goes well with Forza Horizon 3 then I think we can look forward to what would be a brilliant Forza Motorsport 7

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Sure FH2 is a good game, but i don’t think PG/T10 has listened. From day ONE we have been asking for online Lobbies which doesn’t even seem to be in FH3. Road trips are really not good and the only
other thing to do is Online Freeroam races. Veteran racing of FH1 was way better! Sure if people want to drive around have both, but an online racing game without lobbies. Why?

The forced offroad races likewise. How could you pick a car based on four symbols? Wait! Ive got it! Pick any car with 4wd, and now we have added drivetrain conversion you can make any car 4wd…
FH1 was GREAT in that way. An issue they shouldn’t have added. Jumping and driving in water with supercars, is it only I that think the last part of the E3 trailer was bad. Everything was great until there were offroading flying Lamborghinis.

FH1 had decent tracks but in FH2 several tracks were full of shortcuts and garbage in the way, and half of the races are either offroad or on gravel with grass around = why drive on the gravel, grass route is

Don’t think they are that good att changing things we want. Sure, they can add things they removed from prior games, but seriously, how positive is that really.



I think the ability to gift tunes/paints to friends may be back as on that ‘leaked’ footage when the player clicked on the LaFerrari and opened up the “Auction Options” tab the car being sold by ‘AcidCatFish’ had a paint job created by a different player. Either that or you can sell cars with other people’s work on them, which seems unlikely.

to me and i think why such a disconnect between hardcore forza sports and horizon is what West just said. Ive never thought of Horizon as serious racing in any sort of way. Is it competitive ? yes, but not like Forza sport games. Thus why so many wreckers are in forza 6, and why the pros can’t stand Horizon ( not saying you do) I think they will have some serious racing in this game and some track based stuff considering the size, there’s a lot of icons and color stuff going on in that map.

But to get back on track, yes they are listening. I assume if the store front/ auction goes well, it will be in 7 and other changes if it works. So far from what Ive seen and read a lot of what people wanted is in H3, someones gotta be listening.

  1. It is my opinion that pretty much every post in this thread involves a high level of assumption and speculation, including mine. I am not aware of anyone in this thread being a T10 or PG employee and therefore knowing the exact relationship between the two.

  2. I believe people are still not understanding the concept of lead time ie the time it takes to get from decision to actually getting something in the game.

The OP implies that FM6 feedback has influenced the FH3 design. I am sure some may have but I believe it is more likely that FM5 and FH2 feedback has.

Some are implicitly questioning why Auction House in FH3 and not FM6? Maybe the decision, breakthrough in security design or simply the “lets ease off and not let the bad eggs ruin it for everyone” moment came too late for FM6 but in time for FH3.

So many posts (in general) about why etc are because of peoples own beliefs, assumptions, speculation and in a way they are actually questioning their fantasy version of developers motivations etc rather than the reality which they are not aware of. Sure this is not helped by low communication from the devs but if you make an assumption and get angry based on that assumption … well there is a saying about that which is not postable here.

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Turn 10 gives the cars and technical help, Playground makes the game.

And yeah they indeed listen to us (Playground, certainly not Turn 10). You can be damn sure we won’t have this car division nonsense that is FM6. Heck even FH2 car divisions already make a LOT more sense than they do in FM6. Garage limit problems? You bet it won’t be in FH3.

I’m seriously done with FM6, IMO it’s completely pointless next to games like Project CARS. And the pigheaded nature of Turn 10, they can shove it IMO. Not even replying to players with technical issues… screw it. But for the FH series however, I had great fun in FH2 and FH3 sure looks promising so I will sure get FH3.

Whilst I agree with a lot of your individual complaints my comment based on the collection of all your posts is:

How dare the MS/T10/PG team put out 2 racing games, one of which suits me and the other not. And how dare they give me the choice which one to buy.

Positive spin - we used to only have FM1-4. We now have the FM series and FH series. If one suits you best play it and enjoy it and drop the other one from your gaming life. View it as a positive. I really think some people let things make them angry that they simply should just turn away from and find greener pastures.


Well I agree with what you say, there is no point venting my FM6 frustration on these boards since T10 obviously doesn’t listen anyway. But that frustration is nested to deep, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a developer company so stubborn/pigheaded/not caring to fix some of the simplest things in their game. An example - if they would have revamped the free play / multiplayer car divisions shortly after release that would have pleased thousands of players. And it’s not even writing new code or something, just putting the proper fields at the proper cars in the car database. It so damn frustrating that something so easy to fix is just left on the side. And if the game would be total garbage I would simply not care, but FM6 has a lot of great things in it as well. It’s the good and the bad things in the game that results in this love & hate feeling. Aargh!

BUt I have good hopes for FH3 since none of the FM6 frustrations were in FH2 in the first place. Maybe that’s also part of the frustration, FM6 was released a year after FH2 and it brings along a truckload of issues that were non existant in FH2. Garage limits, forced to upgrade cars to PI standards, cars without a division, not being able to swap your car before the next race without all the way going back out of the menus to the garage, unicorn nonsense, etc etc. FM6 sure felt a few steps backwards compared to FH2. So it will be nice again to play a game again in the FH universe.