Playground Games has any plans to improve the multiplayer?


as the question in the title. Are there any plans to improve the multiplayer? Has Playground Games the possibility to make changes to multiplayer experience?
In my opinion there should be more settings before joining a multiplayer game, like choosing which class race you want ( I really like driving D class, but currently it happens so rarely in Adventure Mode… ), if car damage should be cosmetic or full, etc. Also allow people to make their own tracks with obligatory checkpoints preventing cheating (something similar to blueprints ). This would really improve the multiplayer, but the question is if its possible to implement at that moment? Your thoughts?


Yes, a better way to find players that want to drive lower class cars is really needed.
I’m so sick of the hyper cars hold up of this game in MP.

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Its a great game as it is…but yes…of course id like to see things like a proper route creator…not just snatching pre made templates but actually creating a route and checkpoints and adding props…like gta creator. Well why not?
Also a standard online adventure (non XP) so if a player passes the finish line first he isnt beaten by a drifting idiot! To be honest I dont really know what the point is of having a destination or finish line if you dont have to get there FIRST?
And to be able to have an option in private (online would be too annoying) of being able to see each others drone!!
And lastly…an option for more obvious crash damage
.like doors falling off…well it is suppose to be for fun after all.
But whatever gets added or taken away with updates…i just hope they dont mess with that beautifully smooth framerate!